In conversation with the mentors and mentees behind MAGGI’s reality TV show

MAGGI Resipi Berani

Resipi Berani MAGGI is the brand’s first ever reality TV series, which focuses on the transformative journey of 8 finalists or mentees of the Program Mentor Wanita Cukup Berani MAGGI (PMWCBM) campaign.

The eight mentees were selected from over 1,000 women who participated in the Bengkel Online Wanita Cukup Berani MAGGI in 2020. The workshops focused on confidence building, business acumen and cooking skills.

“Resipi Berani MAGGI was about all about developing the confidence of our mentees (and) the challenges that they faced during the TV-Series was very positive and were focused on character building,” said Business Executive Officer of MAGGI, Nestlé (Malaysia) Berhad, Geetha Balakrishna. “Our mentors also played a huge part in developing the mentees skills and mindset. Through the mentor-mentee relationship, the mentors were able to share their industry knowledge about cooking, confidence building and running a business.”

In this exclusive interview, Marketing Magazine spoke to the 3 MAGGI mentors as well as the top 3 finalists to reveal behind-the-scene stories, best moments as well as their hopes and aspirations for women out there.

The Mentors:

In your own words, how would you describe the reality series Resipi Berani MAGGI? How the reality series can help change women’s lives not just in the kitchen but in real life?

Eina – Firstly, I must congratulate MAGGI for introducing the Resipi Berani MAGGI, a new reality series like you’ve never seen before. The show provides a platform and opportunity for women to not just improve their cooking skills but also to recognize their potential, build their confidence and achieve their dreams.

Anne – Resipi Berani MAGGI is not like any other cooking shows. It follows the transformation journey of these 8 women, from uncovering their hidden talents, to transformation of their culinary knowledge and skills to achieving success. I personally think that this program provides such a good opportunity to meet new people from diverse background that will inspire you to succeed. I hope there will be more “Wanita Cukup Berani” (brave women) taking that brave step towards entrepreneurship and most importantly, we want to prove that there are opportunities for women to make a living by doing what they love most – cooking.

Sheila – The Resipi Berani MAGGI provides women the motivation and opportunity to transform their lives. The program provides a great opportunity for those who have talent in the kitchen or to gain skills in business acumen.

Mentor Datin Eina Azman

What were some of your most memorable moments or challenges from the show?

Mentor Anne Idri

Eina – The most memorable moments for me would be when I was given the opportunity to meet and work with Sheila and Anne. We click so well! There’s never a dull moment with Sis Sheila and Anne – they are both truly inspirational.

Anne – That would be every moment I had with the mentees. There were times when they were pushing each other to ask me for tips and guidance. I guess they were a bit scared of me. But witnessing their determination, dedication and courage to conquer their fear, eventually achieving success makes me feel proud and happy. These moments are etched into my memories forever. 

Sheila – The catfish challenge! The most memorable challenge would be the Berani Mencabar scene in episode 3 where the mentees are required to catch live catfishes as well as slaughter and clean the catfish. The mentees were really brave!

In your experience, who was the most interesting or memorable participant in the show and why?

MAGGI Sheila
Mentor Sheila Rusly

Eina – Hidayah is such a nice person and she has a lot of potential in her. There has been a consistent improvement in her performance throughout the show. She used to be very shy and lacking in self-confidence. Slowly she challenges herself and build up her self-confidence. Hidayah, you are indeed a strong, young woman!

Anne – Resipi Berani MAGGI is more than just a reality TV show where contestants showcase their cooking skills. We get to know their success stories and struggles as well, and how they were motivated to pursue their dream. Hidayah was one of these mentees. Her father was her source of inspiration to participate in this program. The second child of three siblings and the sole breadwinner for her family, Hidayah is taking care of her ailing father and disabled grandmother despite her young age. She never gives up trying to find the means to feed her family and I’m proud of her accomplishments.

Sheila – All the mentees possess their own unique identity. They are all strong and brave women definitely. But I feel so guilty when my provocative questions made someone cry non-stop! But, this is part and parcel of one’s transformation journey – how we can thrive amidst adversities!

What are your hopes for the mentees, moving forward?

Eina – I hope all the mentees continue to work hard, be firm in their stance and consistent in their efforts, and I wish them all the best of luck and best wishes in their quest to realise their dreams. And remember, no pain no gain!

Anne – I would like to remind the mentees and everyone out there, “Be bold, don’t wait, no excuses. Just go ahead”. The most important thing is to always have the courage to try and always remember that failure is not the end point for success. Success is not measured by one’s ingenuity or lack of ingenuity but is actually measured by one’s diligence or non-diligence. So, if you want to succeed, you have to work hard and believe in yourself.

Sheila – I hope the mentees will keep moving forward and never give up trying, regardless of how difficult the circumstances are. And be brave to take the next step to try something new! Tak Kenal Tak Cinta (Never Try, Never Know).

Behind the scenes (from left to right): Emcee Nana, Mentor Sheila, Mentees Miza, Hidayah & Bibi

The Mentees:

  • Nur Hidayah Jeffri
  • Bibiaminani A. Ghani
  • Mazzaton Miza Wahab

In your own words, how would you describe the reality series Resipi Berani MAGGI?

Hidayah – When the pandemic hits our country and affected my income, I felt like my life was falling apart. I am grateful that through Resipi Berani MAGGI, I have gained confidence to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone and started my home-based business. This program has had a huge impact on my life. Thank you, MAGGI.

Bibi – This Resipi Berani MAGGI reality series really put our mental strength and courage to tests. However, at the same time, this program gives us the opportunity to develop and improve our business and cooking skills. The guidance and tips provided by the mentors are effective. I never knew that one day I’ll be doing a live cooking demo and be on a reality TV show!  

Miza – Resipi Berani MAGGI sparked the beginning of a new phase in my life. This is my first toward becoming a better me and to more successes!


How did you feel when you found out you were selected as a finalist and were going to be part of the Resipi Berani MAGGI reality show?

Hidayah – I was happy, excited and anxious at the same time when MAGGI announced that I have been selected as one of the 8 finalists for Resipi Berani MAGGI. Being chosen out of 1,000 participants is definitely a big WOW for me. I remember I was so worried because I don’t know what to expect from the show. I practiced a lot before the filming started and I am determined to win this competition. I just know that, this is the time! And it will completely change my life.

Bibi – Never felt this lucky and I am very grateful!

Miza – Surprised, grateful, happy and in disbelief. I never expected to be selected as a finalist for Resepi Berani MAGGI. To get to this point is not an easy task. Assessment after assessment, interview after interview. All finalists have their own abilities and strengths. But I trust that the rivalry is with ourself. I must be a better version of myself. I fight against myself, not against the others. The support from my husband and children encouraged me to move forward and I know I can do it because I am a determined person!


Could you share your most memorable experience/moment during the filming of the series Resipi Berani MAGGI?

Hidayah – It was a blessing to be able to meet the other 7 inspiring women and successful mentors. We share stories, bittersweet experiences running a business, and we wish nothing but success for every one of us. At the end of the filming, I feel sad, but on the other hand I learned a lot and we had so much fun together.

I remember all the supporting crew who worked so hard during the shoots, amidst strict SOP guidelines. They were very helpful and supportive despite this being our first time shooting with them. These are among the sweetest experiences I had throughout Resepi Berani MAGGI.

Bibi – Our first shootings feels like it was just a couple days ago, but now it’s already airing and coming to an end soon. I have mixed emotions about that while also feeling good, and it’s bringing back a lot of memories. I remember clearly that I had to immediately get used to the electric stove which I have never used before. A bit scary and awkward at first. Second memorable moment for me would be the catfish challenge. I was terrified!

It was a wonderful experience throughout the shooting. The teamwork between all cast, mentees and the crew were great, with everyone working together as one big team.

Miza – The most memorable experience was the Mystery Box challenge where the ingredient given was beyond my expectation. I have never cooked ‘jantung pisang’ (Banana inflorescence or Plantain) before and I was so confused on what recipe should I try. But I accepted the challenge nevertheless!


How was everyone’s reaction after the first episode aired on national television?

Hidayah – Everyone was happy, excited, and surprised. I received a lot of supportive messages from my family and friends from my hometown. They can’t believe their eyes that it was me on TV! They even shared about the show on their social media profiles. But the happiest were my parents. Nothing makes me happier than seeing their smiles and knowing I was the one that made it happened.

Bibi – Everyone were so tense when I didn’t win the first challenge. But when they announced my name as the winner for the second challenge, my family can’t stop clapping and they were shouting for joy when I made it to the second episode. Many friends have expressed their interest to be the next Wanita Cukup Berani.

Miza – They were thrilled of course! After the first episode ended, I received a call from my father. He told me that he’s really proud of me and he’s cheering for me. Everyone is there to support me. I’ve never felt so blessed and loved as I did at that moment.

What are your aspirations in the next 3 to 5 years?

Hidayah – In the next 3-5 years, I wish to expand my products to reach a wider audience and deliver delicious and affordable meal more people across the state. In addition to that, I also hope that one day I can share the knowledge and skills I’ve gained from this program to inspire home business owners out there.

Bibi – I wish for my business to grow over the next 3-5 year and at the same time be an inspiration to other women out there especially single mothers like myself. I hope they will too have someone to give them motivation and inspirations to find success. Miza – I have always wanted to start an online cooking class where I’ll be sharing various recipes, tips on building a self-confidence as well as knowledge on how to increase income through home business. I also have a plan to open a café called “SANDWICH & BijiCOFFEE” in near future and eventually, publish a recipe book.

The first episode of this six-episode reality TV series aired on 14th July 2021, and broadcast weekly every Wednesdays on TV3. The final episode will be aired on 18th August at 5.30 pm on TV3. All episodes will be available on MAGGI YouTube and website thereafter.

For those who missed the earlier episodes, here’s the link to view them before the final episode:

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