Nuffnang Introduces Revolutionary Talent Squad Initiative: Empowering Influencers, Transforming Brand Campaigns

MARKETING Magazine recently caught up with Nuffnang to find out more about their latest initiative, the Nuffnang Talent Squad. Being one of Malaysia’s leading leading digital growth and influencer marketing companies, Nuffnang believes that this initiative serves to further ‘supercharge’ the industry, brands and influencers.

Here’s what they told us for the benefit of readers.

Being an influencer is not all rainbows and sunshine. It takes a lot of effort, time and dedication to even begin to succeed. Even more so when being an influencer or content creator is not your main bread and butter!

Now imagine being an actor, actress or singer while being a macro-influencer with active social media platforms. With branded social media campaigns coming your way on top of your main job, how difficult must it be to juggle everything well and still dedicate time and energy to create great content and leverage your influence?

This is why Nuffnang created Talent Squad, an in-house talent management team. Talent Squad assists macro-influencers to  directly manage their social media campaigns so that it empowers them to focus on what they do best as actors, singers, and most importantly, influencers and content creators.

Talent Squad is headed by Ash Khalil and Emaad Eizlan, Partner Relations Specialists at Nuffnang. With their enthusiastic passion for working with influencers, they have signed 8 talents exclusively with Nuffnang since Talent Squad’s inception in October 2023.

Talent Squad was created as a way to address macro-influencers struggles. But they are not merely a personal assistant who just helps manage their communications and campaigns.

They aim to help creators in 3 key ways: 1) Campaign Management & Negotiation, 2) Creative Support and Execution, and 3) Priority Access to Nuffnang’s Campaigns.

Talent Squad manages campaign communications and negotiations for macro-influencers.

Nuffnang has over 17 years of experience in influencer marketing, frequently serving as the middleman between influencers and brands. Ash shares, “Such a task requires time, delicate negotiation skills and the ability to communicate directly and clearly. Besides that, there are usually many parties involved in the communication process.”

Influencers who do not have the time to communicate so closely with clients or so many of them can work with Nuffnang for this service. Emaad adds, “Talent Squad will serve as the first point of contact with clients, agencies and vendors for any campaign-related tasks. With this, influencers will only need to communicate with one person for all the information they need, minimising the time and effort needed for communication.”

One of the influencers Nuffnang works with is Khayrisyah Kemal, who has shared her experience working with them: “I always feel at ease when I’m working with Nuffnang. They have helped me tremendously to go beyond my usual capacity as an influencer, allowing me to fully focus on my main craft as an actress.”

Talent Squad provides creative support and execution for macro-influencers.

Content creation is more complicated than it seems. Behind each piece of content is a multitude of hours spent brainstorming, shooting, editing, and even possibly reshooting. It gets even more complicated when coupled with a client’s strict branding and requirements.

Fear not, Talent Squad you’ve got! Beyond providing support for communications and negotiations, Talent Squad also supports influencers with end-to-end content creation. “From brainstorming, storyline creation, and content direction support to photography and videography, we’ll be with you every step of the way!” enthuses Ash.

Another actor and influencer, Wafiy Aan tells us about Nuffnang’s support for their content creation process: “Since Nuffnang has experience working with brands for social media campaigns, they make great suggestions for our content to make sure we meet each client’s requirements and needs.”

Talent Squad provides priority access to branded social media campaigns from Nuffnang to macro-influencers.

The influencer marketing industry is extremely competitive, as there are always new influencers popping up. Plus, the influencer selection process is usually done from the clients’ and agencies’ sides. This puts less power in the influencers’ hands.

As an influencer marketing agency working with brands and agencies to market products and services, Nuffnang has access to a multitude of campaigns from various industries. Emaad emphasises: “Influencers working with Talent Squad are given priority access to these campaigns should they match the campaign and brand requirements. This ensures a steady income stream for influencers with no extra effort to stand out in the client’s eyes.”

Siti Khadijah Halim, an actress and influencer working with Nuffnang’s Talent Squad shares, “With Nuffnang’s support, I can work with a lot of different brands from different industries easily and smoothly. They have really helped me fully maximise my influence on social media and get more work!”

Influencers can indeed benefit from working with Talent Squad. But how do brands benefit from this? “The biggest benefit for brands is having access to a pool of special talents that already have an established presence. This makes influencer engagements more straightforward and quicker as they are already pre-selected and pre-vetted for the specific campaign,” Ash explains.

Talent Squad is set to bring even more value and impact to the influencer industry as a whole, as Nuffnang is constantly looking to build services that benefit stakeholders who work with them. Whether it be building better campaigns or content, Nuffnang stays true to its vision to ‘Build Better People’.

If you need Nuffnang’s support to increase your capacity as an influencer, or if keen to work with Nuffnang’s list of Talent Squad influencers as a brand, get in touch at[email protected].

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