Nuffnang’s Integrated Solutions: One-stop Shop for Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Influencer marketing specialist Nuffnang Malaysia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of ASX-listed Netccentric Limited, promises its customers a complete influencer marketing solution that covers all bases, according to its Head of Client Relationships and Operations Vivien Chew (left in photo above).

“By working with Nuffnang, brands do not have to worry that the creative direction of their influencer marketing campaigns will be dictated by the influencers’ creativity. We are able to facilitate brands in providing guidance to influencers, and helping them understand that they are part of a much bigger marketing campaign,” she explained.

A recent rebranding exercise has brought all of the company’s influencer marketing divisions under the Nuffnang umbrella. This includes:

  • Crunch PR under Crunch by Nuffnang which is now called Nuffnang Activation
  • RTV rebranded as Nuffnang Production
  • mm.pixel Studio now known as Nuffnang Studio, and
  • Nuffnang Influencer which subsumes all of Nuffnang’s other influencer services.

nuffnang integrated solutions for influencer marketing campaigns rainmaker

“The aim behind the rebranding of our services was to streamline our services to come across in a more unified manner, and to let our clients be more aware that all our other businesses are part of a bigger influencer marketing solution provided by Nuffnang,” said Vivien.

The exercise also clarified the roles of each business division, enabling prospective clients to focus on the ideas being proposed without having to understand what each division was responsible for.

Nuffnang’s integrated influencer-led campaigns incorporate Nuffnang Activation for PR Kits, events, and ‘unboxing’ experiences; Nuffnang Production for more curated influencer-video-led content; and Nuffnang Studio to incorporate design works e.g. augmented reality into the influencers’ content.

Other key elements in the Nuffnang family include Nuffnang Lab, which conducts brand and communication strategy research, as well as Nuffnang Live, which provides a live commerce platform and managed services.

A recent case example of Nuffnang’s integrated campaign at work was with a relaunch of a flavoured UHT in Malaysia.

“Due to popular demand, a leading UHT brand relaunched its flavoured UHT in the Malaysian market. However, as this is a particularly competitive and saturated category; there are already long-time international and local brands dominating it. As such, the brand decided that an influencer marketing campaign approach would help create top-of-mind awareness for this product relaunch, and compete with the other strong market players at the same time,” shared Nuffnang Head of Revenue and New Business Jo-yee Lee (right in photo).

Nuffnang decided that this necessitated a campaign with clear, impactful, and memorable messaging through visual aids in the form of PR Kits with props to guide the art directions of content from Nuffnang Activation.

“This idea the Nuffnang team developed became the key creative message and theme of the campaign, running across all influencer content; both Nuffnang Influencer and Nuffnang Activation took charge over the campaign. Nuffnang Influencer led the conversation with the brand and recommended the most brand-fit influencers, while Nuffnang Activation put together the idea for the brand, and provided the step-by-step art directions and props for the influencers to bring the creative message to life,” Jo-yee said.

Nuffnang was able to create more than 300k+ engagements across all the influencers that it worked with, garnering an engagement rate 5x higher than the industry benchmark and bringing in thousands of positive audience interactions for the campaign.

Nuffnang is today one of the leading Influencer and Content Marketing companies in Malaysia and Asia.

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