Systema Teams Up with Havas Malaysia to Advocate for Gum Health Awareness

Systema has teamed up with Havas Malaysia to raise awareness on gum health amongst Malaysians, coinciding with Gum Health Day on May 12th. Comprising a digital film, website quiz, and roadshow, the multifaceted campaign is designed to urge the audience to prioritize gum care alongside their oral hygiene routine. Afterall, healthy gums serve as the cornerstone to healthy teeth and overall oral health.

Systema, Japan’s No. 1 Oral Care Company from Lion Corporation, is the only oral care brand in Malaysia that specialises in gum care. It prides itself as the gum care expert, offering an array of products like toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash to help consumers maintain healthy gums and teeth.

According to a study by National Oral Health Survey of Adults 2010, it is revealed that a staggering 94.5% of Malaysian had some form of gum disease. While gum disease is preventable, it is not reversible. Once gums recede, they will never grow back. Systema and Havas Malaysia seized this opportunity to engage with consumers and educate them on the importance of gum health.

“As Malaysia’s foremost advocate for oral health, Systema is proud to spearhead this collaboration with Havas Malaysia in raising awareness about the critical importance of gum health. Through innovative campaigns like this, we aim to not only transform perceptions but also instil a proactive approach towards gum care, ultimately fostering a healthier, happier Malaysia”, said Deenie Ong, Head of Marketing (Oral Care), Southern Lion.

Instead of simply imparting information on gum care, Havas Malaysia took an attention-grabbing approach to tackle the gravity of gum recession in their film. Employing a heroic drama trope, the film personified gum tissues and bacteria in the mouth, illustrating how Systema’s oral care products defended the gums against harmful bacteria.

Additionally, the film underscored the symbiotic relationship between gums and teeth, emphasising the gum’s role in supporting the tooth to maintain its health and appearance.

The oral care category is all about teeth, not gums. We needed an idea that breaks category norms in order tosteal the limelight. Thus, with a bit of creativity and a whole lot of trust from the client, the campaign to reshape perceptions surrounding oral hygiene came to life,” shared Donevan Chew, Chief Creative Officer of Havas Malaysia.

Following the launch of the quirky film, a website quiz was released to allow consumers to find out more about their own gum health condition. A Gum Health Day roadshow will also be held where consumers can redeem a complimentary gum health check with a purchase of Systema’s products. This incentivises consumers to prioritise their oral health and take advantage of resources available to them.

Running exclusively in Malaysia for two months, the campaign creatively engages the audience through various mediums. Overall, it is also a meaningful joint effort between Systema and Havas Malaysia that aims at raisingawareness in the realm of gum care, an aspect that is often overlooked by consumers in the country.

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