Havas Malaysia Redefines 100PLUS Campaign to Resonate with Malaysian Muslims During Ramadan

100PLUS, Malaysia’s first and leading isotonic drink brand, partnered with Havas Malaysia to connect with Malaysian Muslims during the holy month of Ramadan. Through the campaign titled “Pasti Stedi, Zahir & Batin”, which translates to “Keep it steady in mind and body”, 100PLUS hopes to establish itself as the go-to rehydration beverage for Muslims after Buka Puasa (breaking fast) and during Eid celebration preparations.

Exclusively launched in Malaysia for the duration of Ramadan, the campaign strategically highlighted ‘pancit’ (deflated) moments that resonated with the audience, such as long hours of shopping and food preparations for Eid celebrations, and effectively showcased 100PLUS as the partner to rehydrate and reenergize during these times.

“After a full day of fasting, many often experience dehydration and low energy long before the day concludes. Malays humorously refer to this feeling as ‘pancit’, meaning to run out of air. Leveraging this insight, we transformed it into the visual centrepiece of our campaign by depicting individuals metaphorically deflating.

With the addition of quirky humour and a colloquial payoff line, we’ve crafted a campaign that resonates with our target audience,” explained Donevan Chew, Chief Creative Officer of Havas Malaysia, on the unique campaign that diverged from 100PLUS’ typical communication approach which is often characterized by a sporty and energetic tone.

Recognising the need for a fresh approach to penetrate the Malay market during this sacred period, Havas Malaysia embarked on a journey to redefine 100PLUS’ brand identity and appeal beyond its traditional sports-oriented image.

“The aim was to position 100PLUS as Malaysian’s preferred hydration choice after breaking of fast and while fulfilling their religious obligations throughout the holy month. Havas Malaysia helped us do that in a disruptive way,” commented Leong Wai Yin, Marketing Director of F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd.

This campaign was launched across various media channels, including television, point-of-sale, and social media. Particularly on social media, the campaign saw impressive results. On Facebook, the film has successfully garnered over 2.5 million views and 1,300 likes.

On YouTube, it has attained 750k views, and it is the most viewed 100PLUS video in the last 12 months. Apart from the film, the team also kicked off a #PastiStedi TikTok challenge, leveraging on TikTok Branded Effects, that allowed viewers to participate in the campaign by filming themselves with the 100PLUS-branded filter.

“Creative ideas often stem from the unique characteristics and experiences of the people we engage with. By taking the time to listen, observe, and empathize with their perspective, inspiration naturally emerges. All it takes is a sprinkle of creativity,” added Donevan.


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