Reckitt Shieldtox and Havas Malaysia Collaborate to Ensure Restful Nights for Children

Thai mothers have long relied on aerosol sprays and mosquito coils to protect their families from mosquitoes. However, when Shieldtox Liquid Mosquito Repellent aimed to capture the attention of mothers, it recognized the need to effectively demonstrate its exceptional ability to provide fragrance-free, all-night protection for their beloved children in a captivating manner.

To achieve the desired response, Havas Malaysia harnessed the power of storytelling. Through an engaging 30-second short film that shows a peaceful scene where a boy is seen sleeping on a moon-shaped bed, gently floating amidst a starry night sky. However, the serenity of his dreamland is shattered when a swarm of mosquitoes intrudes, disrupting his deep slumber.

With an irritating mosquito bite, the boy awakens suddenly, unintentionally interrupting his own dream. It is at this point that Shieldtox Liquid Mosquito Repellent enters the picture, saving the night by preventing further mosquito disturbances.

To bring this story to life, Havas collaborated with the renowned Thai production house, The Commonist, along with Malaysian post-production studio Postfellas and Maveriq Music Studio. Their collective efforts resulted in a visually captivating and engaging film.

While research and focus groups may not always be associated with creativity, the film’s remarkable scores on Kantar’s Link Express showcases that the right kind of creativity can still be a formidable force in driving brand growth.

Speaking about the campaign, Thanida Klangpremchitt, Marketing Manager (Hygiene) Reckitt Thailand, said, “We are thrilled to have joined forces with Havas in bringing forth this captivating campaign that resonates with Thai mothers. Shieldtox Liquid Mosquito Repellent has always been committed to providing the best protection for families, and through the power of storytelling, we can now showcase our exceptional ability to ensure all-night protection for their cherished loved ones. We are delighted to see the positive response that the campaign has received.”

Donevan Chew, Havas Malaysia’s Chief Creative Officer further emphasized the creative approach, saying, ” Crafting every product story in a way that captures the imagination of the audience is at the heart of our creative approach. The success of this project, as demonstrated by the remarkable scores on Kantar’s Link Express, reinforces our belief in the transformative impact that the right kind of creativity can have in driving brand growth.”


CCO: Donevan Chew
ACD: Khaleeq Sarfaraz
Creative Group Head: Choo Wei Nee / Pornpen Rattanasaksopana / Pinij Sangskrit
Copywriter: Dhabitah Zainal
Senior Producer: Syakeera Abd. Hamid
Producer: Zehn Wu
Head of Creative Services: Angie Cheah
Client Management: Liew San Ling / Koblap Narukatpichai / Majorie Michael / Jasmine Kuan / Arisha AsrulAzam
Production House: The Commonist (Thailand)
Post-production: Postfellas
Audio Production: Maveriq Music Studio

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