In a bold move, 100PLUS, the beloved drink we know of today, is set to redefine itself as a lifestyle brand. No longer just reserved for sports or Chinese New Year celebrations, 100PLUS aims to become essential to our daily lives.

Leong Wai Yin, F&N’s Marketing Director, shared, “Our goal is to break free from the stigma that 100PLUS is solely for sports or Chinese New Year. It’s a beverage for everyone, anytime, anywhere! We’re particularly excited to connect with the influential Gen Z audience.”

Gazelle Activation Team from Shopper360 pitched an idea that have clearly won the heart of 100PLUS. As the new creative agency for 100PLUS, this refreshing new campaign was launched on the 1st of October 2023 with the campaign “KIPID100 (Keep it 100)”.

Craig Matthew Lee, Business Director and Group Creative Director of Gazelle Activation & Shopper360, revealed, “After extensive research, we discovered that people turn to 100PLUS for hydration, focus, and a boost of energy to power through their day. Hence, we created a phrase that would inspire, motivate, and break language barriers.

Thus, ‘KIPID100’ was born. Coupled with the tagline ‘Sentiasa Onz Bila 100’, it encourages giving your all in every endeavor, celebrating even the smallest wins.”

Sharon Tan, 100PLUS’s Marketing Manager, shared, “The term ‘KIPID100’ intrigued us, and its meaning very much aligns with the direction we are heading. ‘Sentiasa Onz Bila 100′ is a tagline we believe Malaysians will wholeheartedly embrace.”

Teaming up with Graph Studio, Bo Amir Iqram also known as Cuurley from Nacho Usual Collective, and local rap sensations Sya and Senna, the collaboration showcased a dynamic TVC (Television Commercial) that exudes vibrancy, strength, and freshness, exerting a strong Gen Z look.

The team also worked alongside Dato’ Muhammad Azizulhasni bin Awang, Malaysian renowned cyclist and Jared Lee, our beloved filmmaker and writer whom both achieved such amazing milestones in life after countless hardships, embodying the KIPID100 spirit!

In any new venture, challenges are par for the course. Yet, the Gazelle Activation Team pushed through despite all the hurdles faced.

Dzul-Hani, Associate Creative Director at Gazelle Activation, disclosed, “Beyond the tight timeline and sleepless nights, our main challenge was juggling multiple tasks with a limited team. Nevertheless, I’m immensely proud of the result, especially the thematic campaign. We love it!”

In essence, KIPID100 embodies 100PLUS’s call to Malaysians: give it your all, every time. It’s a refreshing new perspective for 100PLUS, reminding us to always stay on top of our game. KIPID100 and Stay Sentiasa Onz Bila 100′.

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