Prudential Thailand’s #RewriteHerLife musical campaign, created by VaynerMedia, empowers women to take control and rewrite their lives


Inspiring women are all around us – CEOs, homemakers, bankers, content creators, and more…

Still, there are many challenges and glass ceilings that are faced by women around the world, including Thailand. Today, women play key roles in driving economic wealth and overall progress in Thailand, despite all the challenges faced.

These issues are often rooted in outdated beliefs and have become part of our cultural fabric, including music. Leading insurance brand, Prudential Thailand’s new campaign #RewriteHerLife, conceptualized and developed by VaynerMedia, makes an impactful move to bring about this much needed change. 

“Prudential Thailand believes in the power of women. In Southeast Asia, 80% of household purchases are managed by women. Our goal is to support and empower Thai women to be able to get the most out of life through our health and wealth products that are matched with the needs of women in every stage of life. Prudential Thailand is committed to being the best life partner for every woman”, said Robin Spencer, CEO, Prudential Thailand.

Music has the power to change the world, for better or worse. In Thailand, there are hundreds of songs that have stereotypical or negative lyrics about women in it – some due to the genre and some from just ignorance or misinterpretation.

While some are creatively brilliant, many recent songs that have garnered millions of streams and views, unknowingly perpetuate negative stereotypes, having a massive impact on the society.

Prudential Thailand, the insurance company that has protected Thai people since 1996, wanted to make an effort to erase the negativity associated with being a woman in these songs and to inspire all women to take control and rewrite their own lives. They chose a largely female led creative partner, VaynerMedia Thailand, to bring it to life.

In #RewriteHerLife campaign, Prudential Thailand collaborated with various music labels and artists to ‘rewrite’ the lyrics of their famous songs to make it more positive for women and invite all Thai women to help rewrite it together. To kick off the campaign, three well known Thai songs are rewritten and presented in fresh music videos that rewrite the story: 

  • Khon Mee Saneh” reverses the negative beliefs on women’s body image.
  • Pak Gon” erases the negativity towards a woman’s choice of lifestyle.
  • Drip Queen” overturns the assumptions that women are not financially independent.

Celebrities and influencers have joined the campaign by rewriting the lyrics in their own words and sharing their own inspiring stories about women, generating millions of views, likes and shares. The campaign aims to spark more conversations and fuel the women empowerment movement in Thai society.

More importantly, it aims to encourage Thai women to rethink about taking care of their health and wealth by themselves – on their own terms.

“We are very proud to partner with Prudential Thailand to help create a real movement that contributes to real change in our society, making Thai women’s lives better. Not only Prudential Thailand has great offerings for women, but they also believe in driving larger societal change,” added Pitha Udomkanjananan, Head of Creative, VaynerMedia Thailand.  

Join Prudential Thailand on the journey to celebrate women and inspire positivity. #RewriteHerLife at

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