Dettol Redefines Cleanliness as an Expression of Love in Ramadan Campaign

Dettol, in collaboration with Havas Malaysia, has launched a heartfelt campaign, “Selangkah Lebih, Selangkah Kasih” (An extra step, an expression of love), to embody the spirit of Ramadan, wherein acts of kindness and compassion intersect with the pursuit of spiritual purity.

By promoting good hygiene practices, Dettol endeavors to facilitate a harmonious balance between physical health and spiritual fulfilment, thereby enriching the Ramadan experience for all.

Launched during the month of Ramadan, the campaign will be amplified through television, point-of-sale displays, and social media platforms.

“Our ‘Selangkah Lebih, Selangkah Kasih’ campaign goes beyond cleanliness and germ protection. It is Dettol’s commitment to empowering individuals.

The goal is to inspire them to take additional steps to safeguard their health and the well-being of their loved ones, while also extending kindness and compassion to the wider community.

I’m glad that Havas helped Dettol redefine the ordinary into meaningful acts of devotion. This campaign represents a strategic move to foster emotional connections, one hygiene habit at a time”, shared Tiffany Tang, Marketing Director MYSG, Health & Hygiene at Reckitt.

“With some imagination, the functionality of a product can turn into meaningful connections with our target audience. In this context, the additional effort involved in incorporating Dettol into a mother’s cleaning routine is interpreted as an expression of love for her family”, said Donevan Chew, Chief Creative Officer, Havas Malaysia.

“Selangkah Lebih, Selangkah Kasih” represents a strategic move by Dettol and Havas Malaysia to reintegrate into consumers’ lives, fostering emotional connections through everyday hygiene routines.


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