Dettol, a trusted leader in hygiene and wellness, proudly celebrated Global Handwashing Day aimed at rekindling the habit of regular handwashing within the community. Recent data has unveiled a concerning downtrend in handwashing practices within the wider community, prompting Dettol to acknowledge the paramount importance of upholding fundamental hygiene practices.

The campaign commenced with the expertise of Kingdom Digital, a renowned creative agency. Their innovative approach included the introduction of a distinctive Dettol Hygiene Hour social media filter, coupled with an extensive and far-reaching digital social campaign.

In tandem, these elements inspired individuals to pledge towards a healthier Malaysia, underlining the importance of practicing proper handwashing as a cornerstone of enhanced hygiene and well-being.

This was followed by an on-ground roadshow orchestrated to offer the public firsthand experience in mastering effective handwashing techniques.

The pinnacle of Dettol’s efforts culminated in the event titled “From Clean Hands to Strong Defense: Dettol Unveils the Power of Hygiene Practices,” that assembled a distinguished panel of health experts to engage in thoughtful discussions on the current health landscape.

Among present included Professor Emerita Elizabeth Scott (Chair of the Global Hygiene Council), Professor Zamberi Sekawi (Infectious Diseases expert), Dr. Ho Bee Kiau (Ministry of Health Malaysia), Danny Hoh (Watsons), and Tiffany Tang (Marketing Director for Health, Malaysia and Singapore for Reckitt).

In a spectacular show of solidarity, the KL Tower lit up at 8 pm on October 12, 2023, during the final event to celebrate the launch of Hygiene Hour by Dettol. Simultaneously, Hygiene Crews were dispatched throughout Kuala Lumpur to distribute Hygiene Kits and promote the adoption of enhanced practices within the local community.

Acknowledging the crucial role that schools play in molding the handwashing habits of young students, Dettol launched the “Hygiene Quest” School Project. This initiative had a primary goal of educating school children about the significance of hand hygiene and the essential eight-step handwashing process.

The project left an indelible mark, reaching an astonishing 250,000 school children. Dettol also achieved a notable accolade by securing a place in the Malaysia Book of Records, with a remarkable record of 4,865 students participating in a synchronized handwashing demonstration.

Tiffany Tang, the Marketing Director of Health and Hygiene of Dettol Malaysia remarked on the victorious execution of the campaign with “We are truly elated by the resounding success of this campaign.

It not only speaks to the effectiveness of our collaboration with Kingdom Digital, Avante, and Continuum PR but also resonates with Dettol’s core mission to advocate for better personal hygiene. This campaign has been a significant stride forward, and it reaffirms our commitment to fostering healthier communities through the promotion of good hygiene practices.”

Edmund Lou, Head of Strategy at Kingdom Digital, said “It’s amazing to see Dettol taking the lead in championing personal hygiene through this initiative.

It’s not only a significant step towards better health, but it’s also a testament to the impact a brand can have in driving positive change. We are incredibly proud to be part of this campaign, and we believe it’s just the beginning of a brighter, healthier future.”

Dettol’s Global Handwashing Campaign was a remarkable and synergistic endeavor, made possible through a seamless collaboration between three key entities: Kingdom Digital, a renowned leader in Digital Creative, Avante, a specialist in Event Management, and Continuum PR, experts in Public Relations.

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