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By Raihan Hadi

What good is a soul that hasn’t been bathed in music? Every genre out there has an admirer, and every voice that wants to sing has a medium to express it by.

The oldest and most reliable of these mediums for humankind has been the radio, and for a country like Malaysia, where to this day the best of tradition is mashed with modernisation on an hourly basis, radio remains at the heart of all music lovers. And we are aware how radio is also the most convenient and cost-effective way for advertisers to reach out to their target consumers right?

We all know how innovations in technology have helped us with a wider landscape in audio. With new access points for audio lovers ranging from podcasts, DAB, streamable audio and the likes, we are definitely not short of avenues to listen to all things audio. And if an audio provider is not evolving with the changing times in this day and age, they aren’t doing it right.

Having said that, I wanted to tell you about the amazing evolution of Astro Radio’s SYOK app, who have recently upgraded themselves by embracing new technologies, thus becoming the purveyor of audio content in Malaysia.

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With over 60 new online radio stations on the all new SYOK App, Astro Radio is set on making audio entertainment one of the hottest topics on Malaysian soil. It also means that SYOK has just created this whole new playground for audio advertisers to reach out to over 413K unique monthly users who have already embraced the SYOK app into their daily lives, and more than half a million unique streamers on the web.

SYOK now offers increased personalisation to suit more lifestyles and preference, keeping Astro Radio brands relevant and enabling their advertisers reach targets in a smarter and more sophisticated way.

Foresight is one thing, what Astro Radio has done with SYOK goes beyond what traditional audio did for advertisers.

With their ultra wide range of genres in various different languages, SYOK now offers advertisers a truly Asian experience. Think about reaching out to all the audio lovers ranging from ballads, classics, acoustic music, dance music, workout music, K-pop, hip-hop, favourites from the 70s, 80s and 90s, rock, Jiwang, Cintan, Nasyid, Arabic, Bollywood songs, Irama Malaysia, Dangdut and more.

Moreover, SYOK’s strategic partnerships with TikTok, ACO Tech and Huawei are now a gateway to various other opportunities for advertisers in the near future.

Oh, and along with all that, in January, 2022, they will be introducing a brand new Chinese news channel ‘YOU-NEIRONG’ for the latest news and updates on current affairs.

Starting to hit the spot yet? Wait till you hear the rest.

With SYOK’s Digital Audio, brands now can provide contextual-based experiences through customisation of audio messages based on listeners data i.e. location, day part, weather and audience segment.

The audio creative can be personalised for each listener, making sure listeners receive relevant and targeted ads.

In addition, audio ads can now be placed sequentially in different ad breaks for effective storytelling. How cool is that?

On top of audio, brands can now produce display companions to take the listeners to their campaign. This feature also enables second screen exposure by seamlessly retargeting listeners who are exposed to the audio ad on other websites and apps.

With 2 new ad formats launching in December, ShakeMe™ and Voice Interaction interactive formats, features that trigger immediate action by engaging the listeners with CTA shaking their phone or smartwatch and voice command, respectively, are bound to drive higher conversion rates.

Additionally, SYOK Digital Audio ad is fully enabled for programmatic buys, allowing advertisers to exercise control over their digital media budgets.

This is truly the real deal for brands to reap from the over 48 mil monthly audio streams within Astro that offers both hyper targeting of listeners and mass awareness results.

Then there’s the online radio sponsorship package, which brands can have dominant presence across 17 FM Stations on air, 60 online radios on SYOK website, app and social media, engaging consumers 24/7 with fun content in 4 different languages.

Starting to feel hopeful for that series of audio advertisements you’d been planning to launch? Well, this is it!

Learn more about the new advertising opportunities by SYOK here.

This article was previously published in MARKETING Weekender Issue 311.

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