Hando is here to tell you what every company can learn from new startups in his upcoming workshop

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Founder and CEO of case.digital Hando Sinisalu is back with his upcoming workshop on growth marketing exclusively with MARKETING Magazine Malaysia!

The 2-days workshop series titled “Growth Marketing Workshop: What Every Company Can Learn From New Startups” aims to introduce modern growth marketing methods widely used in start-up businesses to traditional companies.

The HRD Corp. approved workshop is scheduled for 30th and 31st of March, 2022, and is based on topics such as Lean Start-up Methodology, the Growth Marketing Process, the stages of the Conversion Funnel etc.

Growth Marketing relies on a rapid testing and learning cycle to systematically improve your results:

  • Instead of following one idea, many possible approaches are tested quickly
  • Projects are divided into short sprints and powered by marketing technology
  • All decisions are made based on data, not opinions
  • The learnings accumulate over time, gradually improving your performance
  • Growth Marketing is a process for systematic and measurable growth. It makes your team agile and focused, and gives you the data to make decisions

The workshop is ideal for Marketing and sales executives of B2B and B2C companies, and marketing agencies.

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Hando Sinisalu, our resident marketing expert from Estonia, has been successfully conducting marketing workshops for several years.

During his last workshop at the B2B Digital Marketing Conference 2019, Hando shared his pearls of wisdom on best practices that marketers need to embrace in the digital marketplace in this day and age, ensuring the participants understanding the relevance of customer-centric B2B sales and marketing.

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