Do You Do NFTs? Here are some more questions to ask yourself.

by Raihan Hadi

When I spoke about thefts in OpenSea in the last issue, I really didn’t realise how I got deviated to elephant-sized questions that a layman and noob such as myself shouldn’t be addressing before thinking about the most basic concerns regarding NFTs.

You must be thinking why I’m obsessing over the same topic over and over again right? Well at least half the world’s population is so why not?

So here’s my plethora of wonderments of the week, bubble wrapped for you since I don’t make enough to buy them fancy wraps and bows…

Why do NFTs need to be sold on a blockchain platform?

Why can’t I buy NFTs with cash or a debit card?

nfts raihan hadi buy nft with cash

Can you eat NFTs?

Can you take shelter under an NFT when it rains?

Can NFTs cure cancer?

Does a person need a college degree to understand how NFTs work?

Does talking about NFTs make me seem smarter?

If I were an NFT, how much would I sell for?

can you eat an nft raihan hadi marketing weekender

Are my questions too ringarde? (You can either look it up or watch Emily in Paris for the best understanding, you might end up learning a thing or two about how marketing works nowadays)

Okay I’ll be a bit more serious now.

If it takes more power to mine cryptocurrencies as opposed to what’s required to light up a small village, should cryptocurrencies be the only medium used to purchase anything at all?

Sometimes I feel that we’re actually going backwards as a species (wait, I addressed that concern before…didn’t I?). Anywho, not the point here. The point is, NFTs are in my belief very powerful intangible objects that are and will be beneficial to only a handful of people (compared to the sum total of 7 billion+++) and until and unless those earning gazillions of money that also require gazillions of kilowatts to create in the name of eco friendliness and what not, begin to share their knowledge with the gen-pop, in a much more feasible way, how can we ever be certain that this is not just some BS meant for the rich to stay richer and poor to remain broke?

I understand that cryptocurrencies, NFTs, the Metaverse are all meant to “create more freedom” by giving more “power to the people”, but have you wondered how much more free and powerful you really want to be compared to your current status? It’s not like you’re going through what Ukrainians or Palestinians are going through…

This piece was first published in MARKETING WEEKENDER Issue 321

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