Ensemble Worldwide & OPPO inspire the younger generation to let their unlimited selves shine in potrait

Ensemble Worldwide, the content agency within the Mediabrands network, has unveiled the latest brand mission with OPPO for the Reno7 Series 5G, to empower the younger generation to live boldly and embrace their true selves.

The campaign launched with a brand film titled ‘The Portrait Expert’, featuring Malaysian badminton star Lee Zii Jia, celebrating the multifaceted personalities of the younger generation. This is explored as Lee Zii Jia showcases the different sides of his personality and interests – national sports star, nature enthusiast and his inner musician – all of which is captured beautifully by the OPPO Reno7 Series 5G, The Portrait Expert.

Norman Tang, Creative Director of Ensemble Worldwide said, “In the Asian culture, children are told to be obedient, and conform to the norm. In fact, being different is considered weird, and shunned by many of the older, more traditional generations. However, this isn’t something that sits well with the native internet youngsters. The idea to tell this story came from a multitude of very real stories from this generation’s challenges; having to conform and live up to society’s expectations. Today, they aspire for more, hungry to live their unlimited selves and capture them in portrait.”

“We wanted to show that fears and doubts are a normal part of life faced by everyone, even celebrities and athletes. The empowerment story we want to share is that no matter what your story is perceived to be, you can always experiment, have fun and show the world your best sides.”


The campaign introduces the tagline, ‘Unlimited Me, in Portrait’, inviting viewers to capture and showcase the different sides of their selves in portraits, with the OPPO Reno7 Series 5G smartphone.

Nikki Chen, Marketing Director of OPPO Malaysia said, “Smartphones are very much a part and parcel of daily life for the younger generation. More than just a phone, the OPPO Reno7 Series 5G captures the portraits of life, serving as an extension to document whatever they do. With the DSLR-like Portrait Mode, they can grab the finer details of life scintillatingly, and the Bokeh Flare Portrait Video enables them to record unforgettable moments with dreamy, beautiful bokeh effects.

“We want Malaysians to know that they can take the best portraits, no matter what, and show their best selves with the OPPO Reno7 Series 5G. The Ensemble team has beautifully encapsulated this message of individuality and diversity so younger Malaysians can express their very best selves in any situation.”

Norman adds, “We worked closely with Lee Zii Jia through this entire process, to listen and understand his journey. He has endured negative social comments, comparisons, and unexpected setbacks, yet he has always stayed focused on his goals and true passions. We hope the sharing of his multifaceted self serves as an inspiration and hope to all Malaysians.”

In the coming weeks, Malaysians will have an opportunity to interact directly with Lee Zii Jia via the OPPO Instagram channel, as he expands on his role as a brand ambassador with OPPO.


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