Ensemble Worldwide wins Silver for “Aiken Prebiotic Most Wanted Moisturiser on Social Media” at APPIES Malaysia 2022

This week, MARKETING Magazine will be featuring the Silver winners of APPIES Malaysia and Asia Pacific 2022 Marketing Campaign Awards by sharing the campaign stories.

ensemble worldwide awarded Silver for their campaign with Wipro Unza (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd under the category Digital & Social.

Their profound knowledge in terms of Digital & Social matters was portrayed in both their live presentation in front of the noble judges as well as it was evident in their campaign as well. In fact, these are the reasons for the Silver winning title.

Aiken Prebiotic Most Wanted Moisturiser on Social Media – Digital & Social

Known as a long-standing brand, Aiken in the Acne solutions category wanted to expand into the biggest, but highly competitive hydration skincare category. With key competitor leading at 47% SOS. (Source: Nielsen, Kantar Media DTAM & AIMS, 2020). 

Most skincare trends revolve around TikTok and/or Twitter then spread to other platforms.

While some other brands are known to use paid review to promote their brand, Aiken built a social playbook around TikTok principles like being authentic, educational, and trending to make engaging content that resonates with consumers, harnessing the power of local SkinTokkers (Skin Influencers).

Aiken managed to receive the title of No.1 Moisturizer, overtaking the market leader), with a record of 1 sold every minute (AC Nielsen data). 

Aiken has successfully launched within the Top 5 brand for Hydration, overtaking key competitor. From a minimal number of hashtag and shares on TikTok Malaysia, Aiken is now top 5 for most followed skincare accounts.

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