Malaysian agencies shine at the 35th MAA Worldwide GLOBES 2021

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The 35th, 2021 MAA GLOBES Award Programme, recognising the Best of the Best in the Marketing Communications Industry, is now complete.

Entry to the GLOBES is only being a major winner of a MAA Worldwide Partner Industry Association in Australia, Asia (spanning 22 Countries), Brazil, Canada, Malaysia, Japan, Russia and the United Kingdom so our Winners really do represent the Best Marketing Communications Campaigns over the last 18 months.

This year, winners from 22 countries participated in the 35th GLOBES for 56 Gold, Silver & Bronze GLOBES, across 18 entry categories, together with the Red GLOBE for the best Marketing Communications Campaign in the World, have now been awarded.

The 20 Executives from 10 Countries who formed this year’s Grand Jury, found it difficult to select the Best Campaign in the World, from the highest scoring campaigns and the Red GLOBE. There were 4 Red GLOBE finalists:

• The challenging ‘Heart Baker: Love Triumphs over Taboos’ Campaign for RHB Bank Malaysia by FCB Malaysia
• ‘Heineken 0.0% Billboard’ which launched zero alcohol beer in Rio de Janeiro, by Sherpa42 Brazil.
• ‘Look at the world like a child’ which rebranded Kinder for Agency Humanz.
• ‘Second Shave’ which highlighted the emotional relationship between Thai Fathers and Sons, for Gillette.

Dragons Winners score 8 Gold GLOBES, 4 Silver GLOBES and 6 Bronze GLOBES.

Malaysian Dragons Winners achieved their best ever result at the GLOBES: 2 Gold GLOBES, both to FCB Malaysia. Silver GLOBES were awarded to Edelman, Go Communications and Orion Digital. Bronze GLOBES were presented to D*Famous and Go Communications.

leah heart baker fcb malaysia
Heart Baker: Love Triumphs over Taboos by FCB Malaysia

The 2021 Best Campaign in the World is ‘Second Shave’ for Gillette Skinguard, by Mediacom Thailand.

When a young man begins shaving, a key moment is when his Dad shows him how. Unique to Thailand is that this advice hinges around a second key moment in a young man’s life.

A second shave takes place when many young men make a pilgrimage to join a monastery for a short period, as a sign of respect to their parents and family, marked by a unique ordination ceremony. As the son renounces the material world, it is customary for the father to shave off his son’s hair.

Mediacom Thailand capitalised on the second shave ceremony to launch Gillette Skinguard, with a product demonstration involving a real father preparing for the ceremony before his son entered the monastery. The father shaved off his son’s scalp and eyebrows, the most sensitive areas of the skin, demonstrating the ability of Gillette Skinguard technology which minimises the pressure of the blade to protect even the most delicate areas.

The Promotion triggered a national conversation about father and son relations. Even with a small budget, the Second Shave Promotion was a huge success in terms of awareness generated and sales.

Gillette also donated 10,000 Skinguard kits to monasteries, to help monks keep their scalps and eyebrows smooth.

Check out the full list of winners for the 35th MAA Worldwide GLOBES here.

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