Unveiling the Mystery: “Geng Kubur” A Tale of Friendship, Fear, and Survival

Brand Mania meets Movie Mania

“Geng Kubur”, a coming-of-age horror movie that centres around the exploits of 4 teenagers, is set for nationwide release this 25th April, 2024.

Imagine this, in the heart of Malaysia’s lush landscape lies a forest shrouded in mystery and tragedy. For Firhan, a young teenager haunted by the memory of his mother’s untimely death, this forest holds the key to unlocking a chilling secret. Since surviving a harrowing car accident as a child, Firhan has been tormented by visions of the forest, its eerie whispers echoing in his dreams. Supported by his loyal friends – Fang Liang, Prem, and Melati – they embark on a journey into the depths of the haunted woods, unaware that they are about to confront their darkest fears.

Prepare to be entertained by “Geng Kubur,” a gripping tale of friendship, resilience, and the power of the human spirit against unimaginable odds.

The movie does not shy away from some of its references of “The Goonies” (1985) and “Stand By Me” (1986), giving it a distinct classic vibe which sets the movie apart from other Malaysian horror films.

Breaking Barriers: Iron Hill Media’s Marketing Strategy for “Geng Kubur”

Iron Hill Media, a serious player in the Malaysian entertainment industry, is poised to make waves with its latest production, “Geng Kubur.” As the company’s first foray into mainstream cinema, “Geng Kubur” presents a unique opportunity to reach a wider audience.

Targeting Mainstream Exposure

Partnering with Primeworks, Iron Hill Media has strategically positioned “Geng Kubur” for mainstream exposure.

Through Primeworks’ extensive network of free-to-air channels, radio airwaves, advertising space, and online platforms, including social media and digital billboards in strategic areas, the film is primed to potentially reach millions of viewers across Malaysia. This partnership underscores Iron Hill Media’s commitment to reaching the masses and offering a fresh take on the horror genre.

Crafting a Targeted Social Media Presence

In addition to mainstream exposure, Iron Hill Media is employing a targeted approach to social media marketing. Collaborating with  boutique agency, Code Of Origin, specialising in Malaysian cinema, the company is creating engaging content tailored to its demographic: fans of coming-of-age horror films. They are tapping into the expertise of industry professionals and drawing inspiration from successful campaigns that was done for films such as “Imaginur” which achieved high box office numbers, Iron Hill Media aims to generate the same buzz and excitement around “Geng Kubur” to achieve the same success if not better.

Beyond the above, there is a special collaboration with Xamble via their Xamble Creators app. Where “Geng Kubur” will be featured as an event, with free ticket giveaways, and will be directly fed to all of the Creators who are made up of influencers in the Malaysian market. Creating a nuanced and direct connection for the movie with a solid base of potential movie going audience. Download the app and stand a chance to score some free tickets yourself!

A Storytelling Approach to Marketing

At the heart of Iron Hill Media’s marketing strategy is storytelling. Drawing from real-life inspirations and the creative vision of Director and Writer Gavin Yap, “Geng Kubur” offers a compelling narrative that’s sure to resonate with audiences. Through subtle messaging and fun hints in all of their content, the marketing campaign invites viewers to delve into a world of friendship, fear, and self-discovery.

View the official trailer at ironhillmedia.tv/gengkubur.

A Stellar Ensemble of Rising Stars

Led by a dynamic ensemble cast, “Geng Kubur” boasts a lineup of talented performers who bring depth and authenticity to their roles. Firdaus Sufiyan takes centre stage as Firhan, the resilient protagonist haunted by his past. Lion Chong shines as Fang Liang, Firhan’s steadfast best friend, while Sasidaran captivates as Prem, grappling with his identity in the face of adversity. Mia Sara Shauki rounds out the group with a hugely winning performance  as Melati, whose fascination with the supernatural conceals her own inner turmoil.

Not forgetting a special mention of Nadia Aqilah who plays Firhan’s mother. She is the emotional anchor to the film and being a mother to two young babies herself, her performance in “Geng Kubur” was exceptionally powerful.

Be Part of the Experience As “Geng Kubur” prepares for its nationwide release on April 25th, 2024, Iron Hill Media invites readers of Marketing Magazine to be part of the first wave of Malaysian audiences to experience the film. Get involved in the amplification of the movie release by purchasing tickets for your team or as giveaways on your company platforms.

If you would like to collaborate in a different way, contact Michael Chen, Executive Producer of “Geng Kubur” and he can craft a bespoke campaign together with you. Reach him via the website or any of his social media platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn.

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