Popeyes Brand Celebrates 50 Years of Love That Chicken

Over the course of its 50 years, Popeyes has become one of the world’s largest chicken quick service restaurants through its proprietary cooking techniques and authentic Louisiana flavours. 

The iconic USA-based fried chicken restaurant brand has developed great tasting products, including the Chicken Sandwich, respected among world-renowned chefs, and recognized by celebrities.  

What started 50 years ago – a recipe that kicked off Popeyes legacy of chicken mastery – continues to raise the bar across culinary and restaurant groups today. Year after year, the brand has dedicated itself to ensuring the love, time, and traditions that went into making its fried chicken in 1972 remain the same today. 

Popeyes has stayed constant in its craft of making great chicken by hand battering, hand breading and marinating its chicken for 12 hours in its kitchens around the world. 

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Popeyes doors opened in New Orleans on June 12 in 1972. It wasn’t just its chicken expertise that drove lines out the door – its unique flavor profile of Cajun blends and Louisiana flavors and seasonings resonated with guests looking for something bold and flavorful. 

This commitment to Cajun seasonings and flavors and southern traditions resulted in the creation of some of Popeyes most iconic cult favorite menu items such as bone-in chicken, the tenders and the brand’s legendary signature Chicken Sandwich, which was the subject of one of the most successful launches in quick service restaurant history when it was released in the USA in August 2019.  

The menu is managed by an in-house team of professionally trained chefs with a passion for honoring the past while innovating Louisiana flavor, food, and traditions. 

One of the secrets of Popeyes food’s success in international markets is the integration of diverse cultures and culinary traditions. In every country, Popeyes aims to balance its brand values and flagship products with the local tastes of the guests.  

For example, in the Philippines, Popeyes added spaghetti to its menu whereas in India, the brand launched vegetarian burger and sides for its vegetarian diners. 

Today, Popeyes remains focused on continuing to bring its beloved food and iconic taste from the United States to its guests around the world. The brand embarked on an ambitious expansion journey and currently boasts 3,700 restaurants in over 30 countries.  

Rafael Odorizzi, APAC President RBI, parent company of Popeyes

Rafael Odorizzi, APAC President RBI, parent company of Popeyes, comments: “We trust that Popeyes has a high potential in the Asia Pacific region where the poultry market has witnessed a significant growth in the last few years and are convinced that the brand’s Cajun flavors will deeply resonate with our guests in the region. 

Ben Klitus, General Manager Popeyes APAC, added: “Also, the brand expansion demonstrates our ability to work with leading institutional investors who have backed best-in-class local operators such as Jubilant  FoodWorks in India, Restaurant Brands Asia in Indonesia, Silla Co. Ltd. in South Korea, PLK Philippines Inc.  in the Philippines, Fei Siong Group of Companiesin Singapore and VFBS – a subsidiary of IPPG – in Vietnam.” 

To further spread the product love to even more guests, Popeyes translates its Louisiana roots in its design with a modern approach. The brand design honors Popeyes heritage and communicates its joyful values and energy to the world in a way that can be universally understood. 

Popeyes is breaking the clutter with vibrant orange accents inspired by the marinade, and colorful interiors with imaginative artwork inspired by the distinctive style of Louisiana street art.  

David Shear, President RBI International

David Shear, President RBI International, comments: “We’ve been blown away by the response to Popeyes in our newly opened markets, with guests queuing for hours to try it in several cities. We’re delighted to see the global appeal for Popeyes, and we can’t wait to introduce our iconic chicken to more countries, contributing to our ambitious brand expansion plan, with South Korea and France coming soon.” 

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