Tra Mongkut’s solution to save Thai rubber farmers from snake-bites

Thailand is one of the world’s top natural rubber exporter in the world and home to millions of active rubber farmers in the field. However, the abundance of this fertile land can also be perilous to the lives of rubber farmers. According to the Department of Disease Control’s report, more than 6,000 rubber farmers deaths from venomous snake-bites each year.

Many lack the right knowledge and worst still, common misconception of snake-bites treatments owing to their misguided knowledge from pop culture. Many were taught since young from TV shows, etc. that sucking the venom out of one’s wound would do the job. Well, absolutely not! Sadly 2 out of 3 snake-bite victims fail to get proper treatment on time that leads to their unfortunate deaths.

Tra Mongkut Fertilizer, Thailand’s leading agricultural fertilizer brand believes that every farmer’s lives should be healthy, safe and protected. But how do we re-educate a misconception that’s deep rooted in their minds in a simple, purposeful and practical way?

Partnering with Wunderman Thompson Thailand, Tra Mongkut Fertilizer turned one thing that rubber farmers use every single day when out tapping into an educational and life-saving tool. The humble Loincloth.

The creation of the Lifecover Loincloth turned the traditional cloth into a multi-functional utility.  Designed with simple infographics to educate  the different snake species found in fields of Thailand, how to spot their bite types, what would be common symptoms, prohibitions and finally the RIGHT first aid (and it’s not sucking out blood with your mouth!) Using this loincloth everyday becomes a daily reminder to do the right thing at the right life-saving moment.

Jakkrit Charupong, Product Group Manager, Tra Mongkut says: “Loincloth is one of the local handicrafts that has various benefits to the daily life of Thai farmers. Our initiative, Lifecover Loincloth, under our corporate mission “better living”, not only helps give financial support to the local community but also add more benefits to the loincloth for a better living of our Thai farmers.”

“Under the campaign, Lifecover Loincloths were distributed by Tra Mongkut to thousands of rubber farmers nationwide. This purposeful action garnered positive engagement with our consumers. Amongst the rubber farmer’s community, this solution lighted ablaze with huge demand for more reprints.

Non farmer community also caught attention of this initiative with over 112k social engagement at 100% positive conversation. Many people were indirectly re-educated the right way to treat venomous snake-bites.”

Chatchai Butsabakorn, Group Creative Director, Wunderman Thompson Thailand adds: “We would like to make an impact to local farmer’s community and build our brand under Terragro Fertilizer corporate vision of “Total Solution Provider”. By being that, we will always spotlight any farmer’s problem that are often ignored and find a solution for them.

Our Lifecover Loincloth is a solution to re-educate them about snake-bite treatment which they have been misled for the longest time by Thai pop culture. After launching the campaign, this campaign success is not only to create brand love but also to increase the chance of saving Thai farmer’s life.”

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