Thai supermarket upgrades app to send shoppers sell-by-date alerts

In November 2023, supermarket Gourmet Market launched a campaign in Thailand to help people use the food in their fridges before it goes bad.

The premium supermarket chain collaborated with Dentsu Creative Thailand, Bangkok, on an in-app tool that tracks the expiration dates of food bought in Gourmet Market branches. When placing an order, people can opt-in to the feature on the order summary page.

Activated upon purchasing, The Cupboard To Fight Food Waste sends notifications to buyers’ mobile phones, reminding them to consume their produce before it expires.

Users can mark off consumed items on the app, and the tracker also allows them to monitor their contributions to reducing food waste.

Results / According to the agency, the campaign has earned over THB4m ($114,000) in PR value. App downloads grew by 14% while active users increased by 18.1%.

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