Astro Radio revitalizes SYOK app with 60 new online radio stations and more

Astro Radio celebrates being 25 years young this year by revitalizing the SYOK app and powering ahead in its transformation journey. From 1 November 2021, Malaysians can look forward to over 60 new online radio stations offering extensive variety and compilation of music, and a new Chinese news channel ‘YOU-NEIRONG’ for the latest news and current affairs updates.

The new stations on SYOK enables users to stream their favourite music genres and categories across languages including ballads, classics, acoustic music, dance music, workout music, K-pop, hip-hop, favourites from the 70s, 80s and 90s, rock, Jiwang, Cintan, Nasyid, Arabic, Bollywood songs, Irama Malaysia, Dangdut and more.


Radio Brands Genre/Category New Online Radio Stations
ERA ERA Flow FLOW: A mix of the best hip-hop and rap music.
ERA Cintan CINTAN: Featuring the very best love songs from today.
ERA K-Hit K-HIT: The hottest Korean pop hits.
ERA Nusantera NUSANTERA: The best Indonesian hit music.
ERA Throwbaek THROWBAEK: The best hits from the 2000’s.
ERA Erathon ERATHON: Hand-picked music to motivate and inspire every runner to push harder.
ERA Nurock NUROCK: The biggest and hottest rock music from around the world.
ERA INDIE FITMUZIK: Music to get people pumped up for their workout.
MY MY Upbeat MY舞曲耍赖 (MY PARTY): The best dance music from today from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea.
MY Pop MY最流行 (MY POP): The best pop music from today.
MY Rock MY摇滚最帅 (MY POP ROCK): Rock music with those catchy pop melodies from today.
MY KARA MY卡拉唱不完 (MY SING ALONG): All those sing-along favorites from the 2000’s.
MY LOVEUU MY LOVE UU: The best love songs from today.
MY Positive MY能量闪耀 (MY Positive): Positive and inspiring music.
HITZ HITZ Urban URBAN: The best rhythmic music from today – R&B/HIP-HOP/RAP.
HITZ Dance DANCE: The best dance music.
HITZ Tik-Tok TIK-TOK: All trending, favorite TikTok hits.
HITZ Throwback THROWBACK: The best hits from the 2000’s.
HITZ Chillest CHILLEST: Slow down and chill with the best soft hits.
HITZ Workout WORKOUT: Music to help you get fired up during your workout.
HITZ Top 40 TOP 40: Nothing but the hottest top 40 songs 24 hours a day.
HITZ Local LOCAL: The hottest Malaysian music all day long.
HITZ K-POP K-POP: K-pop music.
RAAGA RAAGA ISAIMAZHAI ISAIMAZHAI (Current hits): Only the hottest hits all day long.
RAAGA BOLLY4U BOLLY4U (Bollywood): The best Hindi songs all day long.
RAAGA 80’S Evergreen EVERGREEN: The best Tamil hits from the 80’s.
RAAGA 90’S Hits 90’S HITS: The hottest hits from the 90’s.
RAAGA Nambe Area NAMBE AREA: The best Malaysian Tamil music.
GOXUAN GOXUAN K-Pop GOXUAN GO KPOP (GO K-POP): Nothing but the best Korean hit music.
GOXUAN TRENDING GOXUAN中文最TRENDING (BEST C-POP): Nothing but the hottest hits from China.
GOXUAN Drama OST GOXUAN最强OST (DRAMA-OST): The hottest songs from soundtracks – Movies and Series.
GOXUAN TikTok GOXUAN TikTok神曲: The hottest music that is trending on TikTok.
ZAYAN ZAYAN Almusika ALMUSIKA: The hottest Arabic music from the middle east.
ZAYAN Nasyeed NASYEED: The best religious music from today.
ZAYAN Surah SURAH: Quranic verses that been curated to motivate, inspire and uplift.
ZAYAN Adam ADAMTUNES: Positive and inspiring music led by all-male artists.
ZAYAN Hawa HAWATUNES: Positive and inspiring music led by all-female artists.
SINAR SINAR Rock ROCK KARAT: The hottest Malay rock music from the 70’s and 80’s.
SINAR Jiwang JIWANG: Powerful ballads from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.
SINAR Irama 70 IRAMA 70’:  70’s classic hits.
SINAR Irama 80 IRAMA 80’s: 80’s classic hits.
SINAR Iramalaysia IRAMALAYSIA: Traditional Malay music.
SINAR Popyehyeh POPYEHYEH: 60’s pop music.
SINAR Sinema SINEMA:  Original soundtracks from the movies.
SINAR i-Musik 1-MUSIK:  Indonesian songs.
MIX MIX Dance DANCE ANTHEMS: The best Dance hits from 90’s and 2000’s
MIX 90 MIX Tape 90’S MIX TAPE: NON-STOP dance tracks mixed by the best DJs in town.
MIX Lovesongs LOVESONGS: The best love songs from 90’s, 2000’s and today.
LITE LITE Your 70 Favour YOUR 70’S FAVOURITES: 70’s relaxing classic hits.
LITE 80 Sing Along 80’S SING-ALONGS: 80’s relaxing classic hits.
LITE Acoustic ACOUSTIC: All acoustic music of favorite 70’s and 80’s classics.
MELODY Melody 70 MELODY经典70专属区 (CLASSIC 70): 70’s classic hits from the region.
Melody 80 MELODY经典80专属区 (GOLDEN 80): 80’s classic hits from the region.
Melody LOVE MELODY爱的专属区 (ROMANTIC): Favorite love songs from the 80’s and 90’s.
Melody 90 MELODY经典90专属区 (BEST 90): The best 90’s music.
GEGAR GEGAR Hoh Btabuh HOH BTABUH: Best of Dikir Barat songs.
GEGAR Tradisi TRADISI: Traditional Kelantan and Terengganu music.
GEGAR Hindi HINDI POWER: Best Hindi songs from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s.
GEGAR Maghi Gelek MAGHI GELEK: The hottest Dangdut songs from the region.
YOU-NEIRONG YOU YouNeirong (YOU) – Chinese news channel exclusively on SYOK

These 60 new online radio stations will be available in addition to all Astro Radio’s brands on-air and on TV including ERA, MY, HITZ, RAAGA, SINAR, GEGAR, ZAYAN, MELODY, GOXUAN, MIX, LITE and more, making Astro Radio and SYOK the first in Malaysia to launch the most number of new online radio stations simultaneously.

Users can also enjoy many exciting new and upgraded features such as a ‘dark mode’; an ‘alarm’ feature which allows users to schedule their preferred radio station to automatically stream; a ‘live video’ channel, providing users the ability to interact with others during a live video session via chat; and for podcasts – an enhanced podcast search based on categories, enabling users to continue streaming where they left off, organizing downloaded podcasts into folders, sharing on social media; and many more.

Kenny Ong, Chief Executive Officer, Astro Radio, said, “As we embark on our journey of transformation to grow as Malaysia’s largest and most influential audio entertainment and infotainment network, Astro Radio is excited to introduce more relevant, audio streaming choices with content curated to our listeners demands. The rapid pace of disruption in the digital space has continued to spur our evolution to offer more online music streams that keep Astro Radio brands relevant. The new SYOK app offers increased personalization with our 60 new online radio stations to suit more lifestyles and preferences. We hope Malaysians enjoy this new entertainment experience on SYOK via the app and web.”

Ong continued, “Recently, Astro Radio also collaborated with TikTok to launch three new weekend shows on air and on the SYOK app, to expand reach and cross-promote a wider selection of content and music across platforms. Additionally, we have partnered with ACO Tech, leading smart mobility provider in Southeast Asia, to integrate the SYOK app in vehicles infotainment systems; and with HUAWEI to integrate the SYOK app on the HUAWEI WATCH 3 Series offering users an elevated smartwatch experience. We will announce more partnerships as we continue to innovate and transform the Malaysian radio and audio industry.”

Malaysians can continue to stream trending podcasts in various languages exclusively available on SYOK such as Confession Bilik Gelap, TechniPod, Moon’s Parenting Tips, Pei Diary with Lingkesvaran and more, and catch up on all live radio content (radio on-demand) anytime. The SYOK app will also offer Malaysians access to SYOK Originals, short-form videos which will feature relevant, interesting stories such as Everyday Malaysians, SYOK Busybody, SYOK Food Taster and more. Malaysians can also enjoy current articles, news and traffic updates and participate in contests for a chance to take home exciting prizes including the SYOK 101 contest available on the app and on-air from 8 November, for a chance to win cash prizes.

Download the SYOK app via Google Play, the Apple App Store or Huawei App Gallery, or visit SYOK online.

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