ZUS Coffee & Fishermen Integrated surprise Inside Scoop, BOH Tea, Julies, The Chicken Rice Shop & TIME with a “brew-tiful” cup of love leading up to Malaysia Day!

Following the huge success of their “Buatan Malaysia” campaign, ZUS Coffee & Fishermen Integrated keep up their momentum by bringing joy and a sense of appreciation to their fellow Malaysian made brands. Equipped with one the best Malaysian brew in tow, the team headed out to the offices of their Malaysian made peers, like BOH, TIME, Inside Scoop, The Chicken Rice Shop, SAYS, Julie’s, Jom Cha, BFM and UPM Farm Fresh.

Perfectly paired with a cute ID tag that doubled up as a message card, ZUS Coffee made sure that every message was personalised and crafted wittily, befitting each brand.


“We started ZUS Coffee as a cafe at Lorong Binjai that serves the working community around us, and to be able to get to 280 outlets nationwide today, we want to share a piece of our happiness and pride of being Buatan Malaysia with everyone who has helped us get to where we are today, including our brand partners, abang riders, our baristas, and all the other local brands that have made Malaysia proud.”, said Stephy Foong, VP of Marketing & Growth.

“The response from all our Buatan Malaysia brands to our campaign has been immensely overwhelming. As a Buatan Malaysia brand ourselves, this campaign has been such a joy to work on. Spearheading a project that is on a continuous momentum to promote unity and ignite the Malaysian spirit truly makes us proud”, said Mark Darren Lee, the Managing Director of Fishermen Integrated.

This initiative, which adds a nice touch to the Buatan Malaysia campaign continues to win the hearts of Malaysians everywhere, even in the public service, when the team dropped by the Bomba Shah Alam and Shah Alam Hospital with a cuppa brew for all their staff to show appreciation for all their hard work and contribution to the nation.

While some may think that this would have been the end of the Buatan Malaysia campaign, this was far from true. To commemorate Malaysia Day, ZUS Coffee and Fishermen Integrated put together a  huge get-together for all Malaysians on Saturday, the 9th September 2023.

The FREE event that took place at the Rumah Tangsi in Kuala Lumpur saw a melting pot of opportunities for all their fellow Buatan Malaysia brands to come together and celebrate Malaysia’s diversity, unity and love for food. 

Aptly named Kampung Buatan Malaysia, the event attracted an impressive turnout of over 7,000 people from all walks of life. 

With support from their Buatan Malaysia band of brothers and sisters like Julie’s, BOH, Inside Scoop, Farm Fresh, The Chicken Rice Shop, Syok and Warner Music, visitors to the Kampung Buatan Malaysia get-together got to experience a wholesome Malaysian experience all under one roof. 

Having successfully carried out all their Buatan Malaysia campaigns, ZUS Coffee is immensely grateful for all the support they’ve received from all their loyal fans and supporters and is committed to continue their mission to shine a light on Malaysian brands while uplifting the spirit of community and unity in the country. 

As we all know, there are 2 things that never fail to bring Malaysians together and that’s good food and sports, and ZUS Coffee is proud to be part of the latter! 

Majulah Product Buatan Malaysia! 

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