Chicken Concierge, Huvudroll and Gin flavored bus stops

Chicken concierge

The world never ceases to amaze, and neither do brands. We came across three newest additions to the universe of interesting stuff that we thought of sharing with our readers.

KFC’s “House of Harland” – a hotel with a Chicken concierge service

KFC is opening a fried chicken-themed hotel in the city of Shoreditch, UK. ‘The House of Harland’ is named after Harland David Sanders, otherwise known as Colonel Sanders, founder of KFC.

The popup hotel is to be opened for 11 consecutive nights from August 18, as a nod to the 11 herbs and spices used in the recipes of KFC.

And you probably guessed it right already – everything will be chicken-themed! Starting from the décor, a cinema room with “chick-flicks”, a “Hot Winger” arcade game and last but definitely the most interesting part – a “press for chicken” concierge service.

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Fittingly named the ‘Colonelmobile’, a black Cadillac will be used for the shuttle service. A “Chick-in-clerk” will be there to show visitors to their rooms and assist them with anything they need.

Meatball-scented candles by IKEA

Let’s face it, we all go to IKEA to devour their meatballs before we start shopping.

With the 10th anniversary of their US Family Program coming up, the furniture giant announced a special sweepstakes box package that includes candles scented with their world famous Swedish meatballs “Huvudroll”.

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As reported by USA Today, Ikea would not specify what else is in the Store in a Box, other than saying it will contain some of the most recognizable pieces of an Ikea store.

Hendrick’s Gin-Rose-Cucumber scented bus stops

Major cities in the UK such as Brighton, Cardiff, London and Manchester, flora-encased bus stops seemed to have appeared overnight, and curious pedestrians going for a closer look were hit with a whiff of gin, roses and cucumbers, say what now?

Image source: Spaces, UK

This is part of the promotion for popular gin company Hendrick’s latest Gin Cucumber Lemonade, a product scheduled for a cool, refreshing summer. Commuters will wait for buses under an overturned bed of roses, while the gin infused scent peacefully wafts by.

This setup is accompanied by a video including fantasy spaces of a world that exists for Hendrick’s Gin only, a concept indicative of the magic of Alice in Wonderland


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