Motherhood Expands its Reach and Impact with the Launch of Motherhood Care+ Confinement Centers and Nannies

Motherhood has been a destination for Malaysian mothers over the years, attracting over 3,000,000 mothers on a monthly basis due to its focussed content, covering pregnancy to child’s teen years. Beyond content, Motherhood also offers a marketplace, community engagement, influencers, on-ground activations and more, making it relevant for marketers seeking to engage with Malaysian mothers at scale.

As part of its growth agenda, Malaysia’s premier parenting and maternity platform,, proudly joins forces with Motherhood Care+, a membership club dedicated to supporting and celebrating expectant mothers on their unique journey through pregnancy and motherhood.

In less than 3 months, Care+ successfully united four leading postpartum care sanctuaries: Cozzi Confinement Center, Byond28 Confinement Centre, Gracie Confinement Centre and WarmShine Confinement Centre, and 1,500 confinement nannies.

Cozzi Confinement Center have centres located at Damansara Heights, Batu Pahat, Muar and Parit Besar.

Byond28 Confinement Centre is a standalone confinement building located in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

Gracie Confinement Centre have centres located in Bandar Sri Damansara and Kota Damansara.

WarmShine Confinement Centre is located in Muar, Johor. has always put mothers first, and this initiative is the culmination of that promise. By bringing together the big names in the confinement industry, the parenting and babycare platform has made the pregnancy and postnatal experience much smoother for mums across the country.

Spearheading this paradigm shift in maternity care, Care+ is committed to ensuring their members feel supported, empowered, and appreciated throughout their pregnancy and early motherhood journey. This alliance aims to create an all-encompassing platform for mothers, from before birth to beyond. Bringing together professionalism, quality, cost-effectiveness, health care and education under one roof.

With Motherhood Care+ 1000 confinement rooms and 5000 confinement nannies now part of the Motherhood group is able to offer an additional channel for advertisers. Offering opportunities like placement of content to one-on-one education via the nannies, brands are now able to build deeper engagement with new mothers at scale.

After all, brands that are able to build engagement with new mothers are able to build trust and loyalty across the growing years of the child and their future siblings.

Confinement Experiences Tailored to Every Taste

Care+ recognises the postpartum period as a woman’s second rebirth. Therefore, it is one of the main objectives of Care+ to cater not only to mum’s physical health, but their mental wellbeing as well during the confinement period. Indulging mothers with the essentials and more: comfortable facilities, perfect nutrition, medical supervision and traditional healing treatments (massage and TCM).

As part of this arrangement, has curated four premium confinement center brands as part of Motherhood Care+ to cater to the diverse preferences of Malaysian mums. You have the minimalist MUJI style of Cozzi Maternity Centre to the hotel-style luxury of Gracie Confinement Center.

Meanwhile, WarmShine Postnatal Care Centre emphasizes scientific confinement practices, while Byond28 Confinement Centre stands out for its unwavering support for breastfeeding mothers. They have an innovative breastfeeding and nursing support program, LatchLab. Each facility provides a unique and luxurious environment.

In an effort to arm mothers (and fathers) with essential parenting know-how and skills, will also be integrating their current Parentcraft classes as part of Motherhood Care+.

Under this feature, mums enjoy prenatal and postnatal education courses courtesy of confinement partners as part of a holistic parenthood education.

Covering everything from prenatal sharing sessions and breastfeeding classes to traditional Chinese medicine consultations and Lamaze childbirth breathing technique courses.

This holistic approach ensures both mothers and fathers are well-informed and well-prepared for the challenging period ahead.

Bringing Postpartum Care Home

For mothers who prefer home-based care, Motherhood Care+ has you covered as well. has collaborated with CK MAMA and their dedicated and certified team of confinement ladies to bring postpartum care to your front door.

With this added feature, mums who prefer to do so can enjoy postpartum care services in the comfort of their own homes. Nurses and confinement ladies go through a rigorous screening process to ensure mums get nothing but the best during their at-home confinement journey.

Motherhood Care+: The Future of Maternity

2026 is predicted to bring more offerings to Malaysian mums as Care+ strives to make this new platform the best of the best that the market has to offer.

With that in mind, Care+ aims to reach and consolidate 1000 rooms and 5000 nannies (confinement and childcare) by 2026.

This ensures accessible, high-quality care for mothers in need, marking a significant leap forward in the maternity confinement industry.

Motherhood Care+. also invites professionals from various caregiving industries to join in this initiative. This includes health coaches, nutritionists, nurses, lactation consultants, and yoga instructors.

All joined in synergy as part of a collaborative effort to expand the array of high-quality choices and elevate the standards of the domestic confinement center industry. Join the movement and play a part in reshaping the future of maternal care in Malaysia today!

For more information, check out and visit the Motherhood Care+ website at

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