Taylor’s captures the essence of what it means to be Malaysian during a time of crisis with Malaysia Day film


The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented health and economic challenges, especially for the most vulnerable. As cases continue to escalate and are currently hovering at 18,000 cases per day with little reprieve in sight, Malaysians are feeling frustrated and helpless.

Despite the anguish and hardship, the COVID-19 pandemic also witnessed the average Malaysians bringing together humanity and offering a glimmer of positivity in the midst of all the chaos.

Over the past year and a half, the spirit of togetherness and unity has emboldened different communities in Malaysia to come together to do their part in helping one another – regardless of race, religion and political opinions.

This Malaysia Day, Taylor’s is capturing the essence of what it truly means to be Malaysian by showcasing the best of Malaysians at a time of crisis.

Taylor’s Malaysia Day video starts with a gloomy narration of what the uncertain future may bring. As the visually-dramatic animation progresses, viewers are taken to a walkthrough of past events throughout different timeline in Malayan history, exhibiting extraordinary individuals who personified the spirit of hope and inspiration – dubbing it the spirit of the ‘Rakyat Hero’ and how today, the same spirits are exemplified by Malaysia’s very own ordinary-everyday citizens.


The video features four notable figures in Malaya – Dr. Wu Lien-Teh, a Malayan physician who battled a mysterious plague in China in 1910 and went on to invent the mask which evolved to today’s N95 respirator; Sybil Kathigasu, a nurse tortured by the Japanese for helping the Malayan resistance fighters during World War 2 in 1940; as well as Major Wong and Sergeant Adnan who fought the communist insurgence and brought home their platoons to safety in 1977.

As the story moves along, the narrator describes how these individuals epitomised compassion, selflessness and ingenuity – the ‘Rakyat Hero’ spirits which started in the days of Malaya and still lives on today in Malaysia.


“Over the years, this Rakyat spirit has taken many forms – #KitaJagaKita, Sehati Sejiwa, Malaysia Boleh – so on and so forth. But the core remains the same – that even when we are navigating the roughest of sea days, the kindness of strangers and the strength of our community will pull us through”, said Taylor’s University Group Chief Marketing Officer Ben Foo.

He further explained “Taylor’s Malaysia Day video hopes to invoke a sense of awakening for Malaysians and inject the belief that any ordinary Malaysian can make a change in the community too. It is when we decide to put our differences aside and focus on providing kindness to one another, then we are able to unite to make Malaysia great.”

Since the video was launched on 30 August 2021, Taylor’s Malaysia Day film has garnered over 680,000 views as of time of writing. The marketing push for this film will continue until Malaysia Day.

The Taylor’s Malaysia Day film can be viewed here.

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