GrowthOps helps Unifi launch its new UNI5G Family Plan with an innovative web series

GrowthOps Asia seeks to bridge the generational divide with a new campaign for Malaysian Telecommunications brand, Unifi, to launch their new Unifi Mobile’s UNI5G Family Plan.

Created by TM’s Digital Creative partner, GrowthOps Asia, the web series titled “Macam Macam Gaya Hidup, Sama Sama Keluarga”, highlights that despite generational differences, most Malaysian families can agree that the new UNI5G Family Plan is the perfect plan for them.

The short tongue-in-cheek episodes follow the family through their disagreements about which mobile plan to get for the family, fashion, gaming etiquette and photography styles for social media. Each episode is broken into two perspectives – one that explores the parents’ point of view and the other that explores the kids’.

Each perspective’s editing style reflects their audience’s preferred content – with the parents’ episodes in a horizontal format utilising a more traditional video editing style typical to Facebook, whilst the kids’ are edited in a vertical format, with edgy sound effects and filters, common to TikTok.

“Family plans are an interesting marketing challenge,” said Chris Greenough, General Manager and Regional Head of Creative Services at GrowthOps Asia. “Gen Z kids are key influencers in the purchase journey, but their parents from a different generation ultimately make the call on what the family uses.

We wanted to create a campaign to target each of them independently while making UNI5G Family Plan the hero that brings them together.” Their disagreements take viewers through various modern family scenarios – at home, during a live stream, while camping and on the road home from Raya. This allowed the web series to weave in UNI5G’s product benefits naturally.

“As far as we know, this is the first series in Malaysia to tackle generational issues from two perspectives. It addresses common generational clash points, like fashion and online etiquette, but brings everyone onto the same page thanks to UNI5G Family Plan”, said Andrew Pinto, Vice President, Brand & Marketing, Unifi.

“With unlimited and stable 4G and 5G data, that is accessible across 95% of the country, we have affordable plans that any Malaysian family would appreciate.”

“From a media targeting perspective, we are really excited about the innovative way we can target a single creative concept with two perspectives, each targeting the main purchasing drivers in the UNI5G Family Plan purchase journey,” Andrew continued.

Lookout for the 360-degree campaign on your timelines soon.

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