Unifi Shows The Family That Streams Together Stays Together

By The Malketeer

In an era where digital connectivity is no longer a luxury but a necessity, Telekom Malaysia’s Unifi is making waves with its groundbreaking “Unifi UniVerse” campaign launched with Grey Malaysia.

This innovative approach to telecommunications marketing not only showcases the brand’s comprehensive suite of services but also paints a vivid picture of a fully connected future.

Think Beyond Isolated Product Offerings

At the heart of Unifi’s strategy lies the concept of convergence.

By seamlessly integrating home internet, mobile services, entertainment, and lifestyle solutions, Unifi has created an ecosystem that caters to the multifaceted needs of modern consumers.

This unified approach sets a new standard in the telecom industry, challenging competitors to think beyond isolated product offerings.

Complementing the “Unifi UniVerse” campaign, the web series, “Macam Macam Gaya Hidup, Sama Sama Keluarga” (“Different Lifestyles, Same Family”) created and produced by GrowthOps Asia, TM’s digital creative partner, takes a unique approach to addressing the generational divide.

Inspired by mockumentary shows like Modern Family and The Office, the series uses comedic, dramatic facial expressions to represent generational face-offs, ultimately uniting them through Unifi’s offerings.

Bridging Generational Divides

Chris Greenough, General Manager & Regional Head of Creative Services at GrowthOps Asia, sheds light on how creative storytelling is evolving in the telco industry.

“The Connected Home is becoming the new battleground for the industry,” Chris explains.

“While we may have been the first to include multiple generations in a single campaign, we won’t be the last. Malaysian households are multigenerational, with multiple stakeholders influencing the purchasing process of modern telecommunication services.”

Chris further elaborates on the creative challenge: “We aimed to appeal to both generations with relatable, down-to-earth humour, integrating our messaging into their daily lives and consumption habits, making it feel like entertainment rather than advertising. This allowed us to explore intergenerational friction in relatable ways, such as differences in music and fashion, and give each character a distinct personality.”

Innovative Content Strategy

The campaign’s content strategy breaks new ground in the telco industry.

“We attempted something unprecedented: targeting two distinct audiences with the same campaign,” Chris reveals.

“We highlighted the duality of content consumption by using different formats and channels, making the dual targeting media strategy more effective.”

This approach extends to the editing styles used for different generations, enhancing the campaign’s ability to resonate with diverse audiences.

The strategy aligns perfectly with the broader “UniVerse” campaign, demonstrating how Unifi delivers on its promise of providing an all-in-one hub for broadband, internet, entertainment, and lifestyle needs.

Effectiveness of Web Series in Modern Marketing

Chris emphasises the power of web series in driving engagement: “Web series can be highly effective when executed well, as they focus on storytelling in a unique, personalised and compelling way.”

He points out that the characters in each webisode interacted like a real family, creating authentic Reels and TikToks based on trending topics, which added to the series’ authenticity.

Closing the Loop in Customer Journey

What sets this campaign apart is its holistic approach to the customer journey.

Chris explains, “After establishing the family and distinct characters, the campaign expanded beyond social media to drive UNI5G Family Plan consideration in a personalised way.”

The webisodes were edited into targeted video ads, directing each audience to relevant calls-to-action on the landing page.

Looking Ahead: The Digital Powerhouse Vision

As Unifi aspires to become a digital powerhouse by 2030, campaigns like “Unifi UniVerse” and “Macam Macam Gaya Hidup, Sama Sama Keluarga” demonstrate the brand’s commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions.

The multi-pronged approach, combining broad vision with targeted storytelling, sets a new benchmark in telecom marketing.

A New Frontier in Telecom Marketing

Unifi’s UniVerse campaign, complemented by its innovative web series, represents more than just a product launch; it’s a bold statement about the future of connectivity and marketing in the telecom industry.

By blending cutting-edge technology with emotive storytelling, inclusive messaging, and targeted content strategies, Unifi has created a blueprint for modern telecom marketing that resonates across generations and platforms.

As Chris hints, “There may be a Season 2,” suggesting that this innovative approach to marketing and storytelling in the telecom industry is just beginning.

As consumers increasingly seek integrated digital experiences, campaigns like this will likely set the standard for how brands communicate their value in an interconnected world.

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