Proton’s Sarjan Saga Campaign: Inspiring Gratitude, Family Unity, and Spiritual Growth this Hari Raya

Proton Edar, in partnership with VMLY&R Malaysia and Playhouse Pictures is proud to unveil its latest Raya campaign, “Proton Raya Brand Film – Sarjan Saga,” a captivating journey that celebrates the spirit of gratitude, family unity, and spiritual growth during the joyous season of Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

The campaign, which is a standalone project specifically crafted for Hari Raya, aims to resonate with Malaysians, particularly Malaysian Muslims, by artfully leveraging the essence of the festivities—gratitude. Proton embarked on a heartfelt journey to evoke a sense of appreciation and inspire Malaysians with the power of gratitude.

At the heart of this endeavour lies the true story of Sarjan Haji Ismail bin Jaafar, who played a pivotal role in capturing the essence of Proton’s journey.

40 years ago, when dreams were taking shape and aspirations were blooming, Sarjan Ismail’s creativity and sacrifices became instrumental in naming Proton’s very first Malaysian-made automobile—Proton Saga.

The campaign beautifully weaves together the threads of history and tradition, crafting a narrative that encapsulates the spirit of gratitude.

Targeting Malaysians, particularly Malaysian Muslims celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri, the campaign aims to foster a profound sense of gratitude throughout its storytelling. By showcasing acts of selflessness, compassion, and kindness, the campaign pays tribute to the spirit of giving and thankfulness that defines this festivity.

It highlights the personal ‘Saga’ of Sarjan Ismail and the sacrifices he made as a father for the progress of his family.

“As Proton marks its 40th anniversary this year, we were tasked with incorporating an element of its origin story into this year’s Raya film,” said Nurul Fathma Munap, Creative Group Head at VMLY&R Commerce. “After conducting thorough research, we came across the inspiring tale of Sarjan Ismail and his significant contributions to the early days of Proton.

His creativity and sacrifices deeply moved us, and we believe that his story deserves to be shared with all Malaysians.”

“Hari Raya this year was particularly important for PROTON as it coincided with our 40th Anniversary, so it was natural to take a nostalgic approach.

At the same time, we also wanted to encourage the audience to reminisce about the sacrifices made by our loved ones for our betterment and the story of Sarjan Ismail perfectly encapsulates the key messaging of the campaign to reminding Malaysians to reflect upon the blessings we often overlook amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life,’ said Roslan Abdullah, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, PROTON.

Acknowledging the significance of cultural nuances and values, VMLY&R Commerce’s Muslim Intel Lab played a crucial role in tailoring the campaign to resonate with the Muslim community in Malaysia.

By aligning with the desires and aspirations of its target audience, Proton aims to strengthen its brand relevance and foster a positive brand perception and affinity among Muslim consumers.

The Sarjan Saga campaign, with its cultural sensitivity, evokes genuine emotions and creates a relatable and memorable experience.

By celebrating the values and aspirations of its target audience, Proton aims to strengthen its brand relevance among Muslim consumers and foster a positive brand perception and affinity.

The campaign has received significant recognition, being recently voted as one of the Top 10 winners for the Expert Choice Awards for Raya TVC 2023 by Marketing Magazine.

This success further solidifies its genuine connection with the audience and showcases its impact on promoting cultural appreciation and understanding.

Experience the heart-warming narrative and celebrate gratitude this Hari Raya by watching the Proton Raya Brand Film – Sarjan Saga on YouTube

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