Safi’s latest Raya film sets the tone for ‘togetherness’

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During the months leading up to Raya, a sense of anticipation was already building up. This comes as no surprise as Raya 2022 is set to be the celebration where Muslims will be able to finally reunite with loved ones from all over. The upcoming festivities will see families and friends celebrating together to their heart’s content – no longer separated and shackled by the restrictions brought upon by the pandemic in the past two years.  

As a brand committed to the Muslim community, Safi knew that it needed to be part of the growing excitement for this year’s Raya. Hence, ‘Raya Kau Hijau 2.0’ was born. A sequel to 2021’s ‘Raya Kau Hijau’ which is a play on the trending phrase ‘Mak Kau Hijau’, the 2.0 version is inspired by the Islamic concept of ‘Ukhuwah’ which conveys togetherness and bonding. They make the perfect themes for a film that is made to further build anticipation for much-awaited Raya reunions. 

A film anchored on togetherness can only be brought to life with a bigger cast; ‘Raya Kau Hijau 2.0’ features a roster of legendary and rising stars, putting Safi on the radar amongst Malaysians. The film stars the comedic Jaja Iliyes who plays Anggun, the main character who finally returns to her kampung from Korea to reunite with her loved ones. Malaysian icon, Amy Mastura, reprises her role of Mak, the sassy matriarch of the family.

Along with other charming characters like Seri, played by award-winning actress Amyra Rosli and Kai, whose charisma is played up by the actor Aniq Suhair, ‘Raya Kau Hijau 2.0’ takes the audience through the humorous shenanigans of Anggun’s family as they come together in preparation for Raya. 

Throughout the film, we see Anggun partaking in the merry chaos around her while witnessing romance, drama and mischief brewing between her family members. The over-the-top comedy and an unexpected plot twist at the end provide the key ingredients that make ‘Raya Kau Hijau 2.0’ appeal to the tastebuds of the Malay viewers.  

To ensure relevance with the audience, the film punches it up with witty dialogue peppered with trendy lingos, word play and K-drama phrases. It is added with a sprinkle of pop culture references that will satisfy people who are in the know. (Fans of the popular show, ‘Squid Game’, will be rewarded with scenes from the film.) 

While ‘Raya Kau Hijau 2.0’ conveys the spirit of togetherness, it also resonates with the current times through its acknowledgement of SOP-compliant practices that need to be followed during the festivities.

Tongue-in-cheek nods to social distancing and sanitisation as well as the clever use of ‘Hijau’ in the film to reference the pandemic-free ‘Zon Hijau’ provide friendly reminders to people to keep the pandemic at bay while they have fun and play.  

True to the brand core of Safi, which is to empower Muslim women with beauty and confidence, ‘Raya Kau Hijau 2.0’ features female characters who take pride in looking and feeling their best.

Beauty, inside out, is an important element in the film, as it reinvigorates women’s desire to put their best face forward after being homebound by past lockdowns. The introduction of Safi skincare products are cleverly included into the plot as spoof Safi informercials. 

“Raya Kau Hijau 2.0’ continues the momentum built by previous Safi Raya films. As this year’s Raya is going to be different, ‘Raya Kau Hijau 2.0’ with its star-studded cast, is set to take the Raya mood up a few notches with a funny, unforgettable story that centres on togetherness – a theme that all Muslims can strongly relate to,” said Kazlina Kassim, Senior Product Manager. 

All in all, Safi’s ‘Raya Kau Hijau 2.0’ is definitely a Raya film to look out for in 2022.

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