Riding into the Night – Safeguarding Your Journey on Two Wheels

Riding a motorcycle at night under a moonlit sky does sound like a romantic dream, doesn’t it? With the wind in your hair and being surrounded by a sky full of stars, it does sound like a breathtaking experience, but it can in fact turn into a traumatising tragedy in just a blink of an eye!

According to the Transport Ministry, motorcyclists make up 59% of road fatalities in Malaysia, where 7 in every 10 tragic road accidents involved motorcycles. The ministry also recently revealed that there will be an influx of motorcycles on the road based on a sharp increase in motorcycle sales over the past year. As of 2021, there were about 23 million vehicles on the road with motorcycles making up 46% of it and this figure is only expected to increase.

Riding a motorcycle at night poses risks due to various factors like bad weather, poorly lit roads, blind spots, potholes, and dangerous bends. Despite these risks, motorcycles are gaining popularity in Malaysia as a preferred mode of transportation due to their manoeuvrability and ability to navigate through city traffic. If riding a motorcycle at night is unavoidable, here are some tips to stay safe on the road after sunset.

  1. Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Stay visible when riding at night to ensure others can spot you from a distance. Wear reflective clothing on your motorcycle for increased visibility from all angles.

  1. Light ‘Em Up!

Check and ensure all motorcycle lights are functional and bright, including headlights, brake lights, and signal lights. Headlights improve visibility and notify other drivers of your presence while signal lights are important for indicating your direction.

  1. Look Ahead in Anticipation

Unpredictable road conditions can pose serious risks, including potholes and obstacles like animals, objects, or slippery oil spills. Stay focused, anticipate these incidents, and be prepared to react swiftly and safely.

  1. Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Going slow allows you to survey your surroundings and gives you time to avoid potholes or other obstacles on the road. You’ll also be able to stop in time if other motorists lose control of their vehicles or are driving dangerously.

Now that you know what to do while riding at night, here are a few reminders on what not to do when on a night ride.

  1. Brighter the better

Avoid wearing black outfits while on the road as it reduces your visibility to other users. Dark-tinted visors should also be avoided at night, as they greatly diminish your visibility. Opt for brighter clothing and clear visors for improved safety on dimly lit roads.

  1. It only takes a second

If you feel drowsy, take a break. Don’t try to fight fatigue and risk falling asleep at the wheel. A moment of shut-eye can lead to an accident, endangering yourself and others. If possible, slow down, find a safe spot to stop, refresh yourself, and then continue your journey.

  1. Stay visible and avoid being blinded

Stay visible to other road users by avoiding dark corners and potential blind spots. Riding in a driver’s blind spot increases the risk of being overlooked.

You should also avoid staring into the headlights of oncoming vehicles, as it can momentarily impair your vision and cause blurred vision. This sudden brightness may lead to brief eye closure and increase the risk of accidents.

By adhering to these dos and don’ts and being safe on the road, it does not hurt to protect yourselves even further with motorcycle insurance.

On that note, in an effort to ensure everyone is protected, especially the B40 community, Liberty General Insurance Berhad has launched its ‘Takpe, We Belanje!’ campaign in a bid to help alleviate the financial burdens of the lower-income group. This campaign is aimed at highlighting the importance of owning adequate insurance coverage to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Starting from now until 14 November 2023, all policyholders that purchase or renew their policy for motorcycles 150cc and below via Liberty General Insurance Berhad or any of its authorised intermediaries will be entitled to a complimentary road tax for the insured motorcycle.

All you need to do is get your insurance plans up to date with Liberty General Insurance, receive your unique cover note, and bring it to any POS Malaysia branch to redeem the complimentary road tax. Alternatively, get in touch with our Customer Contact Centre which will assist customers on the road tax renewal of motorcycles via MYEG.

To learn more about this ‘Takpe, We Belanje!’ campaign and explore the motorcycle insurance policies available, please visit www.libertyinsurance.com.my.

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