“This may be a feather in my turban, but it is a crown in their caps.”

Wonda, Malaysia’s leading ready-to-drink coffee brand, sets another Guinness World Record for the longest magazine.

I have never won a world record, so you could imagine how excited I was to be invited for the Certification presentation ceremony this morning. When I was younger, someone joked I may have the longest nose in the world, but let’s not go there.

In a collaboration with this magazine, a special edition September issue was produced in an accordion style and when fully opened, cover to cover measures at 751.2cm in length.

The concept was to highlight the longest Kopi Tarik in print.

When we started this project, I never thought we would make it into the Guinness World Records as the longest magazine. Building upon our previous partnership with Wonda Coffee, where we sent out 3,000 personalised magazines to Malaysia’s advertising and marketing industry readers (with their face on the cover!), I have always enjoyed the creative freedom in bringing their concepts to life.

Fresh from their recent Guinness World Records achievement for The Largest Online Video Chain of People Performing Football Juggle, participated by football enthusiasts across Malaysia in March 2023, this amazing feat was conceptualised together with their agency partner Ampersand Advisory to create a Kopi Tarik in a magazine that would surpass the current record holder who measures at 16ft.

This Guinness World record is part of their broader vision of increasing their global presence as a competitive disruptor in the coffee industry. This can be seen in their collaboration with the Football Association of Malaysia and Astro Radio for the OR1 FM campaign.

But this record-breaking issue of the longest Kopi Tarik was a technical accomplishment and even my Art Director Ali put all his years of experience to the test. The people behind this success are the Wonda(ful) people, the awesome team at Ampersand Advisory, my never-say-die printer Sekaran, the amazing people at Pos Malaysia and my family.

Etika’s Vice President of Marketing, Amy Gan, shared, “Over the past decade, Wonda Coffee has proudly stood as an innovative brand. We are grateful to be able to stand hand in hand with MARETING Magazine and our partners in celebrating this together.

We hope and look forward to more industry-first collaborations with Professor Ham and his team.”

My daughter just told me, “Well done Dad, you are now a world record holder.”

And the weekend has just started!

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