Top 10 Merdeka TVC 2020 as chosen by experts, have been announced

Festive ads this year took a on a huge challenge since March but Malaysians have continued to deliver. This year, we took our annual top TVC voting process to another level and opened it up to exclusively our readers.

Our robust industry-wide survey this time recorded 1339 validated and unique voters, with each person voting multiple times. We weeded out those who tried to vote for their own work, either directly or through third party invested partners (nice try). Our rankings are based purely on what our readers tell us, and not on how many million YouTube views, etc.

Perhaps the voters felt that these TVCs conveyed the best Independence day message or maybe there was no clear message at all but a feeling and it stuck.

Now it’s time for you to see which Merdeka TVCs have made it to the top 10 list.

1. Telekom Malaysia – Hari Kebangsaan & Hari Malaysia TM 2020 KembaliTeguh, Bersama

TM celebrated the Merdeka spirit by expressing its determination to move forward, rebuild and return stronger. No matter who or where you are, the journey is a path we all walk together for a better Malaysia
Agency: Grey Malaysia | Production House: Reserve Tank

2. Pepsi – Budaya Kita Alami Bersama by Pepsi

This year, for Merdeka and Malaysia Day, we embarked on a mission to bring Malaysians closer to our diverse culture. With the tagline ‘Budaya Kita. Alami Bersama’, we looked for a unique way to bring this story to life through the celebration of our food, local artists and musicians.
Agency: Entropia | Production House: PRS

3. Perodua – Musibah Membawa Hikmah

The pandemic brought great challenges, but gave rise to even greater strength from Malaysians. For National Day, Perodua released an original song and music video titled “Musibah Membawa Hikmah” to applaud the selfless efforts of the rakyat from all walks of life, sang by the talented Marsha Milan.
Agency: Spin Communications | Production House: Evil Genius

4. RHB Group – Berjuang Bersama Demi Kebaikan

In this challenging time, a little kindness can change everything. Celebrate goodness and spread positivity for the rise of the beloved country. RHB wishes Happy 63rd National Day and Happy Malaysia Day to all Malaysians.
Agency: FCB Kuala Lumpur | Production House: D Moving Pictures

5. Digi – Digi Hari Kebangsaan 2020 – Kita

We are made in Malaysia. Enthusiasm, perseverance, creativity and diversity symbolise the identity of our people, business and everything that makes us Malaysian. Enliven the spirit of patrotism by continuing to elevate Buatan Malaysia, Buatan Kita.
Agency: Naga DDB Tribal | Production House: Mojo Films

6. Petronas – Operasi Koperasi

Operasi Koperasi is an action-packed film which explores a fresh take on unity. The film centres on 14 state flag erasers, each voiced by everyday Malaysians. Panic ensues when three of them fall off the cabinet. The erasers must decide. Should they stay? Or embark on an impossible rescue mission?
Agency: Ensemble | Production House: Reservoir World

7. Maybank – Maybank MYStories Kita Jaga Kita (Hari Kebangsaan) 2020

To celebrate the spirit of Merdeka, Maybank looks back at the early days of the Movement Control Order (MCO) to celebrate Malaysians and their stories in the Maybank MYStories campaign. The Maybank “Kita Jaga Kita” MYStories, showcases the unified efforts by Malaysians during the Covid-19 pandemic through a compilation of photos and videos taken during the MCO.
Agency: UNRESERVED | Production House: UNRESERVED

8. Tune Talk – Suara Negara

In times of this global pandemic, Unity is our true power in fighting this invisible enemy. Suara Negara illustrates the essence of Negaraku that is embedded in the hearts of Malaysians regardless of race and background. #MalaysiaBersama.
Agency: Mediabrands | Production House: Crap TV

9. TNB – Deklarasi Anak Malaysia

Deklarasi Anak Malaysia portrays a boy dressed in Tunku Abdul Rahman’s iconic attire while performing a speech with gusto. Inspired by the Proclamation of Independence on 31 August 1957, this speech tells a story of the hopes of Malaysians who are united with the spirit and courage in overcoming crises for a better, brighter future.
Agency: Entropia | Production House: PRS

10. KFC – Cara Kita

KFC paints their walls with artwork that shows off the uniqueness of Malaysia, expressing their love for the country they’ve called home for 47 years. With Kenji Chai, KFC creates three murals with the campaign ‘KFC Cara Kita’ by showing the fusion of KFC and Malaysian culture. Agency: Naga DDB Tribal | Production House: Project Room Productions

11.MiloMILO- 70 Tahun Kebaikan
12. EtiqaEtiqa ‘Sayap’ Merdeka 2020
13. The Chicken Rice ShopBerdiri Bersama Untuk Negaraku
14. AxiataTrue Stories of Tunku – “Insan Budiman”Axiata Merdeka Film Series 2020
15. PrudentialThe Sweetest Smile

Congratulations to all winners!

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