Art of Data Storytelling: what you missed from master storyteller Dheeraj Raina today.

As an advertising professional, I always seek opportunities to enhance my skills and knowledge in the industry. This course, led by Dheeraj Raina, a highly experienced marketing executive, promised to be a game-changer for my career.

When I walked into the conference room where Dheeraj Raina’s workshop was to be held, I was greeted with excited whispers and hushed hopes of learning.

His reputation had fueled a buzz within aspiring marketeers, and the excitement was palpable. When Dheeraj walked into the room, the silence was immediate as the attendees watched him in awe and anticipation.

Dheeraj is a driven marketing executive with expertise in managing companies in established and start-up contexts. Throughout his workshop, I learned how to create a strategic marketing plan to help me succeed in the ever-changing world of connected consumers and brands.

He enjoys developing enticing brand narratives, effective marketing frameworks, and answers to consumer and company problems. Dheeraj believes that strategy and stories are key in strategy planning.

Dheeraj is now heading the media line of business for Dentsu International in Malaysia, spanning agency brands and scaled services of iProspect, Carat, and Dentsu X as CEO of Dentsu Media in Malaysia.

Dheeraj has been recently featured in Campaign Asia’s 40under40, a coveted list of 40 outstanding marketing practitioners in Asia-Pacific.

Navigate with stories

Through his ample experience, Dheeraj knows that this promising world of connected consumers and brands is complex to navigate.

His course aimed to walk individuals through each step of how to create a marketing plan that will help them succeed in this ever-changing environment.

The goal of this programme was to teach the craft of data storytelling to advertising and marketing professionals so they may become better media, marketing, and communication strategists.

One of the most valuable lessons I learned was the importance of storytelling in marketing. Dheeraj explained how great stories evoke powerful emotions and are a key pillar of strategy creation.

He showed us research that demonstrated how people remember stories 22 times more than they do facts and figures alone.

This introduction set an expectation for the rest of his workshop. Within minutes people, myself included, were scrambling to take down notes and memorise his teachings.

The course covered the fundamentals of data science in advertising and marketing, an essential skill set in today’s highly connected world.

Through activities, worksheets, and group assignments, I learned how to create a marketing plan that recognizes the significance of creating the correct aspirations and goals for a brand, how ideas are created from insights, and how to segment, target, and choose the best strategic course for a brand.

After completing the course, I feel confident in establishing strategic media goals and producing data-driven campaigns that deliver tangible results.

Overall, the course was incredibly helpful in providing a thorough understanding of developing effective marketing frameworks and solutions to consumer and company problems. I left the course feeling empowered to apply what I learned as a marketing professional.

Dheeraj mentioned at the end of his presentation, “I was told this workshop was fully sold out, and there were many who had wished to attend. I hope we can repeat this event in the coming months.”

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