From on-demand to binge-watch: Malaysians find endless entertainment on Twitter

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After a whirlwind of uncertainty these past years, Twitter continues to become the go-to destination for entertainment seekers. Though the economic sectors are healing and reopening, people gossip about new movie releases, their favourite superheroes, local TV shows, and discuss K-drama selections online.

With the highly anticipated shows like the Netflix series of Loki starring Tom Hiddleston, the macho mafia Vincenzo, and the endless thread of K-drama discussions; there’s no doubt that the entertainment scene will continue to drive online conversations on Twitter this year. 

Twitter continues to be where movie buffs gather to find recommendations for their next binge watch or dissect a particularly cryptic show ending, and where hardcore fans of various artists come together to belt out song lyrics that hit them right in the feels. Excited chatter often builds even before the show begins, and continues long after the rolling credits.

Much like the foyer of a cinema or theatre, Twitter is where the conversations happen – right from the moment the trailer drops, till the lights come back on.

With so many entertainment conversations taking place on Twitter in Malaysia, the most talked about platforms were Netflix (@NetflixMY). This streaming service platform has proven to be the most popular among Malaysians, as it offers both local and international documentaries, TV shows, and movies. Some would start a thread listing out their favourite series, some would ask their followers on the current on-going series which creates hype on the conversation itself. 

Stream all day long 

The conversations around content from streaming platforms grew steadily with 25.5 million Tweets around shows and movies on streaming services from SEA in 2021 . Viewers were spoilt for choice with streaming services providing every genre of entertainment possible on-demand, and took to Twitter to share when new seasons dropped. K-drama, which has expanded its audience through streaming platforms, is now appealing to global viewers of all genres and Malaysia is no exception. Vincenzo is one of the K-dramas that has been the talk of the town among Malaysians on Twitter in 2021.

The beats never drop 

The conversations around music on Twitter were highly seasonal and peaked during award seasons and new music releases. With the continuous hype and support towards their favourite bands, conversations around music in Malaysia is growing steadily with 25.9 million music related Tweets recorded between January – October 2021 with K-pop dominating the conversations.

The stars in their eyes 

Malaysians were always on their toes when it comes to the weddings of their favourite local artists. The highly anticipated wedding of the year goes to the actress and businesswoman, Noor Neelofa (@Neelofa) for the magical yet grand wedding ceremony. As their jaws dropped, fans expressed their excitement as they peeked into her receptions that were shared across Twitter.

As supportive as Malaysians could be, they cheered the loudest for their favourite singers during #ajl35. Singer of Gundah, Ernie Zakri’s (@ErnieZakri) performance left goosebumps and tears for her fans even from beyond the screen. Not to forget that Hael Husaini’s (@haelhusaini) K-pop inspired outfit truly catched Malaysians attention.

What’s beyond the screen 

The pandemic was undoubtedly tough on the entertainment industry and the vibrant conversations on Twitter surrounding movies, shows, and music in 2021 were a ray of hope for artists, producers, and directors alike. 

It’s interesting to note that Malaysians on Twitter showcased their support and interest towards local films that would have otherwise escaped mainstream attention; films such as Lelaki Harapan Dunia, One Two Jaga, Sa Balik Baju, Terbaik Dari Langit and Prebet Sapu

The feature film Prebet Sapu directed by Muzammer Rahman, has become the talk of the town on Twitter with many mentioning that it is a must-watch Malaysian film for the potential and creative inspiration it represents for local filmmakers interested to depict authentic lives of ordinary Malaysians as well as the film’s courage to explore touchy subjects, where few Malaysians have gone before. It has then been selected by the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (Finas) to represent the country at the 94th Academy Awards (Oscars) although it did not make the final nomination list. 

Overall, Malaysians on Twitter have helped put the spotlight on the industry, and local artists and shows gained more visibility through the lively conversations that happened only on Twitter.

Aside from the K-culture, Malaysian on Twitter enjoys the ups and downs in the local romance drama #takdiryangtertulis and #rinduawakseparuhnyawa to spice things up a little bit. Generally, conversations around local TV in Malaysia remain steady with 6.9 million Tweets between January – October 2021.

Through it all, there were many genres and formats of content that kept people entertained in 2021 – from current affairs to music, K-culture to local TV shows. Twitter is what’s happening and what people are talking about right now.

Regardless of genre, beloved celebrity, or country you come from; you are sure to find fellow fans or make new friends to share your excitement with on Twitter. Join the conversation and enjoy your favourite shows with the community today.

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