Twitter to charge US$8 monthly charge for verified Twitter accounts causes dissatisfaction among users

Twitter will charge US$8 (RM38) per month to verify users’ accounts as mentioned yesterday by Elon Musk, new Twitter Head. 

Reason being, is to tackle the issues that may arise when it comes to arguing the plan bots and trolls as well as generating a new source of income for the business.

“Power to the people! Musk, who has positioned himself as a champion of free expression, tweeted, “Twitter Blue for US$8/month,” referring to the platform’s premium subscription plan.

Only public figures have access to that function at the moment, which Musk called a “lords & peasants system.”

According to him, “priority” placement in “replies, mentions, and search” is “important to counter spam/scam” and will be given to Twitter Blue subscribers as well as to have access to “paywall bypass for publishers willing to engage with us with improved video capabilities, less advertisements, and other fe

He also announced “a secondary tag below the name for someone who is a public figure, which is already the case for politicians” in response to some Twitter users’ concerns that their blue check mark might lose its renown.

A premium Blue account that engages in spam or scamming would have their account suspended, Musk stated.

Elon Musk, new Twitter Head

“Bills to be Paid” by Twitter users

According to tech news site The Verge, Musk is considering removing the blue check marks from users who do not pay for the new service.

If they were required to pay, several users threatened to leave the website.

Some advertisers, the company’s primary source of income at the moment, have shown reluctance in response to his prior comments criticising Twitter’s content moderation standards as being overly heavy- handed and his frequent posting of boundary-pushing meme

Twitter users have voiced concern that it might become a major platform for hate speech and misinformation.

Musk announced the creation of a content moderation council in an effort to assuage fears that the site will turn into a “free-for-all hellscape” over the weekend.

However, on Sunday, US Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband was attacked, prompting Musk to tweet an anti-LGBT conspiracy theory, which he later deleted. – AFP

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