4 Ways Gig Workers Can Grow Your Business

Let’s face it. Today’s business owners must pay more attention to efficiently deploy scarce resources to grow their top and bottom lines. 

With that in mind, many crafty entrepreneurs are leveraging today’s/ growing Gig economy, as they turn to freelancers, also known as giggers, to accelerate their growth. Here is what they are seeing:

1. Giggers are experts in their profession

Growing your business is a complex process of multiple things happening at the same time. While many small businesses aim to multitask and be jack of all trades, there are certain tasks better left to experts. Looking to build a website, for instance?

This is where a gigger can be valuable. Instead of hiring a full-time web designer or engaging a third-party web design agency, you can hire a gigger for that specific project and avoid further salary costs or retainer fees.

2. Giggers will save you time and money

When hiring full-time staff, there’s a lot more cost to account for than just salary. Taxes, health insurance, paid leave benefits, office space and equipment costs immediately come to mind. 

That said, many overlook the cost of training. Most giggers will be ready to contribute from Day 1. They are a “plug and play” option to immediately get things done. 

3. Giggers allows for flexibility

So, you hired a full-time staffer and no longer have a use for the employee. Because of their status, you are forced to continue paying that salary and employer charges regardless of that staffer’s workload. 

When you hire a gigger for a specific project and the work is done, you are off the hook. You don’t need to pay for that idle time. Should the need arise, you can always rehire the gigger. Those resources could be used for other things in between projects. 

4. Giggers help you get more things done

As giggers are paid based on output, they are incentivized to get things done faster.  This increased productivity should increase your capacity to meet client needs.

Malaysian businesses can now also leverage the gig economy thanks to the homegrown platform GIGPLE, which provides access to thousands of Marketing & Communications professionals who are ready to contribute immediately. 

Post a gig today and get the support you need.

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