Pizza Hut and Fishermen Integrated takes flight with “A Sedap Marvelous Really” epic video

pizza hut

In their continuous efforts to produce great content and ideas in the midst of a pandemic, digital agency Fishermen Integrated takes you on an ASMR adventure with Pizza Hut’s new light hand crafted pizza, that’s big on taste.

ASMR, a growing trend on the internet, has in the past year gained primetime attention with what is hyped to be relaxing sounds that deliver small doses of euphoria.

Featuring influencer Jenn Chia who goes by the moniker “So, I’m Jenn” on social media, Pizza Hut’s “A Sedap Marvelous Really” epic video emphasizes on the autonomous sensory meridian response factor, to give viewers a first crust sensorial experience like never before.

The campaign, inspired by in flight safety videos, see Jenn assuming the role of a flight attendant welcoming passengers on board flight PH2525, which is synonymous with Pizza Hut.

“A Sedap Marvelous Really” epic video which has since garnered over 500,000 views and 100,000 engagements online truly encapsulates the essence of the soft airy pockets of the new light hand crafted pizza brilliantly, making viewers crave it at the end of the tasty flight.

Fishermen Integrated, known for their unconventional social media ideas has undeniably hit the sweet spot with this one, as you would definitely feel the urge to order the new light hand crafted pizza after being immersed in the very enticing sights and sounds of the piping hot pizza that packs a whole lot of cheesy goodness complimented by the crunch of the soft airy crust. So soft, so crunchy, it’s all you need to satisfy your pizza hunger!

Speaking about the campaign, Joyce Gan, the Group Brand Director of Fishermen, said “With “A Sedap Marvelous Really” epic video, we tapped into the emotions of the masses and how cabin fever has been affecting them. Most Malaysians are bored at home with their mundane routine, and we thought that it would be best to use a travelling concept to tie in with this new multisensorial product from Pizza Hut.”

Pizza Hut Fishermen Joyce
Joyce Gan

“We’re overwhelmed with the response that the video has garnered so far, and we truly hope that everyone who watches it will take a break from their hectic schedules and routines to indulge the new light and airy, hot piece of pizza!”, Joyce added.

You can now check out “A Sedap Marvelous Really” epic video by Pizza Hut here

Fishermen Integrated burst into the Malaysian advertising scene winning the Golden Kancil twice in 2015 & 2019, and has since continued to push their creative boundaries in the Digital Advertising world.

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