Fishermen Integrated’s “Nando’s Juiciest Secret” wins Merit at APPIES Malaysia 2022

Now, MARKETING Magazine will be featuring the Merit winners of APPIES Malaysia and Asia Pacific 2022 Marketing Campaign Awards by sharing the campaign stories.

Fishermen Integrated clinched Merit for their campaign with Nando’s Malaysia under the category of Food & Beverage.

Their creative approach in enhancing their message in regard to Digital & Social matters has left the notable line up of judges speechless. This has further led them to be awarded with the Silver trophy.

Fishermen Integrated enthralled the judges with their creative campaigns that addresses the above-mentioned category, leading to their well-deserved Merit award.

Being one the smallest player in the QSR scene with smaller marketing pockets, Nando’s has to always work extra hard on the creative and execution, by being “Chicky”, Witty, & insightful to meet their objectives.

When the movement restriction eased, they anticipated an improvement in transaction, but seating capacity remained limited with the SOPs. The agency knew they had to make up for lost sales by improving the average spend per bill.

As a brand that cares, they introduced a product based on the customer’s real sentiment and were brave enough in addressing our customer’s pain point openly. Nando’s juiciest secret took Malaysians by storm by creating buzz and talkability through a series of apparently accidental leaks from Nando’s marketing and social teams. 

The campaign even contributed to the spike in sales, uplifting total sales by 56% and surpassing the targeting units of Chicken Chop sold by 131%!

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