Mindshare Group’s “Think Tune Talk, Think Gaming” wins Merit at APPIES Malaysia 2022

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Now, MARKETING Magazine will be featuring the Merit winners of APPIES Malaysia and Asia Pacific 2022 Marketing Campaign Awards by sharing the campaign stories.

Mindshare Group clinched Merit for their campaign with Tune Talk under the category of Digital & Social.

Their competent knowledge in matters pertaining to digital & social manage to get the lineup of judges and audience astonished which further led to their Merit award.

Malaysian telco Tune Talk was a latecomer in a crowded esports scene and had no unique offering. Competing telcos sponsored major tournaments and produced gaming-specific mobile and internet plans.

Not wanting to miss out on this lucrative market, TuneTalk took time to review the complex arena of games to learn what role it could own and sustain. Tune Talk saw the opportunity to enter the space and recognise the gaming community. 

Thus, this is the story of how Tune Talk championed the billion-dollar e-sports space through consistent and regular collaborations with gaming influencers and Malaysia’s favourite mobile games. 

The result? TuneTalk was solidified as the top-of-mind brand for gamers: TuneTalk’s brand awareness and consideration increased by 59% and 45.7% for gamers and it built a community of 3068 gamers who were now immersed in TuneTalk’s ecosystem

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