“GOLDEN WISDOM – Turning traditional culture into modern art-vertisements” wins Bronze at APPIES Malaysia 2022

Starting this week, MARKETING Magazine will be featuring the Bronze winners of APPIES Malaysia and Asia Pacific 2022 Marketing Campaign Awards by sharing the campaign stories.

FCB SHOUT grasped the Bronze trophy for their campaign with RHB Bank under the category of Consumer & Business Services.

Generally, their campaign was a hit where it garnered plethora of views whereas the live presentation was well – received by both the line up of judges as well as the attendees.

GOLDEN WISDOM – Turning traditional culture into modern art-vertisements – Consumer & Business Services

The competition for affluent banking customers is competitive. And RHB Premier saw an opportunity to win the hearts and wallets of a segment of audience: the affluent Malaysian Chinese. 

RHB introduced GOLDEN WISDOM, a unique THEM-ATICAL campaign that combined a thematic narrative with a massively attractive tactical offer: A chance to win 500g of gold. 

RHB became the first bank in Malaysia to collaborate with Ong Chia Koon, a renowned Chinese Calligraphy artist, and Jaemy Choong, a talented young designer, to produce masterpieces that cleverly turned to Art-vertisements. 

The average AUM for newly acquired Premier customers grew by 16% with average AUM rising from RM470,000 to RM540,000 per customer a full 6% over the initial target.

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