By The Malketeer

The 2023 Taylor’s University Deepavali film, “Not for Rent,” which articulates the challenges faced by the Malaysian Indian community, particularly in housing discrimination, has garnered more than 2.9 million views with just another 2 days left for the festival on Sunday, 12 November.

Kudos to Taylor’s Group Chief Marketing Officer, Ben Foo, and his team, for pursuing the university’s commitment in addressing societal issues through authentic storytelling and bringing about positive changes and awareness.

Indeed, countless netizens have given their thumbs up with many echoing similar personal experiences. The film follows Mr. Chandran’s quest for a home, highlighting the discrimination encountered. The storyline underscores the importance of empathy and open-mindedness in breaking stereotypes as vital in dispelling ignorance and fostering an inclusive Malaysian society.

Let’s celebrate and share some of the priceless lessons Malaysians can learn from this film.

1.The Power of Storytelling: Taylor’s showcases the effectiveness of storytelling in addressing societal issues. It reminds us that stories can be powerful tools for creating empathy, understanding, and change.

2.Racial Discrimination Awareness: The film highlights the issue of racial discrimination in housing, specifically against the Malaysian Indian community. This serves as a reminder that discrimination still exists in various forms and needs to be acknowledged and addressed.

3.Inclusivity Matters: The narrative underscores the importance of inclusivity in a diverse society like Malaysia. It encourages Malaysians to embrace inclusivity and promote a society where everyone has equal opportunities and respect.

4.Unity and Understanding: Deepavali is a time to celebrate unity and the triumph of goodover evil. The film reminds Malaysians of the significance of unity and coming together as a society, transcending racial and cultural boundaries.

5.Championing Knowledge and Education: Taylor’s University conveys the message that knowledge and education are essential tools for dispelling ignorance and fostering progress. Malaysians can learn that continuous learning and understanding can lead to a more equitable society.

6.Real Challenges of Communities: It sheds light on the authentic experiences of communities facing distinct challenges. This encourages Malaysians to be more aware of the struggles faced by different groups and to be empathetic towards these challenges.

7.Profound Conversations for Positive Change: Taylor’s challenges the idea that festive ads should only focus on familiar themes. Instead, it promotes the notion that engaging in more profound conversations about societal issues is crucial for igniting positive change. Malaysians can learn that addressing important topics can lead to a more equitable and inclusive future.

The Deepavali “Not for Rent,film teaches Malaysians the importance of acknowledging discrimination, embracing inclusivity, fostering understanding and empathy, championing knowledge and education, being aware of real challenges faced by communities, and engaging in meaningful conversations for positive societal change.

It encourages Malaysians to work towards a more equitable and inclusive society where everyone is treated with respect and has equal opportunities.

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