Top 10 breaking news for 2022

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Curating daily breaking news is one of the expertise of the team at MARKETING Magazine.

Enticing readers with our fresh daily news, some news articles stand out even more than others.

As we come to the end of the year, we present the Top 10 breaking news on MARKETING Magazine for the year 2022:

Malaysia Retail Industry Report (September 2022)

ruban etika marketing magazine malaysia
Title: Ruban takes on CEO role at Etika Group of Companies

The APPIES Awards Night 2022

Senior Digi marketer ushers in exciting times for U Mobile

rachel chew pos malaysia marketing magazine
Pos Malaysia names Rachel Chew head of digital marketing

Kenny wears three hats at Astro

Naga DDB Tribal expands its agency portfolio with new and returning clients

CIMB to close 13 Branches

colca cola chinese new year 2022 marketing magazine asia
Coca-Cola welcomes Chinese New Year 2022 by bringing home the magic in latest campaign

Farrah Harith-McPherson joins Naga DDB Tribal as Chief Growth Officer

These articles were the most read throughout the year and we hope that you will continue to read our upcoming articles with the same fervour.

From the team here at MARKETING Magazine, we wish you all a very Happy New Year and enjoy the holidays!

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