CIMB to close 13 Branches

With the increasing popularity of online banking, partly as a result of the Covid 19 pandemic, banks worldwide have been reorganising their operations – from reducing the number of branches to diminishing use of office space – and so too here in Malaysia.

Commerce International Merchant Bankers Bhd, or CIMB as it is better known, is closing and merging some of its branches as announced in a notice to its customers regarding the merger of CIMB Bank branches with CIMB Islamic Bank branches.

Source: SME.ASIA

Effective from 17th October 2022, 12 different CIMB branches will close while the Menara LGB branch will close on December 12th although this is not seen as an issue as many of the closing branches will merge with a nearby branch.

Not all however, as some of the branches, upon closing their doors may be  relocated to slightly further locations.

This move by CIMB will not affect banking services as customer accounts will simply be transferred to the replacement branches with the entire process being handled by the bank.

Customers and users are not expected to experience any sort of disruption either when using CIMB ATMs across Malaysia.

CIMB customers who do rely on physical banking at those branches due to close would do well to prepare for the upcoming move.


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