Rockstar Digital wins maiden account with Time dotCom

Time appoints Rockstar

TIME dotCom has appointed Rockstar Digital, a subsidiary under Kingdom Digital Group, to be its social media agency of record following a competitive pitch that concluded recently. The appointment is for a period of one year with the option to extend for another.

Ryan Ong, CEO of Kingdom Digital Group, shared that the team is thrilled to work with the prominent broadband provider, and that it is a fitting time to introduce Rockstar Digital to the industry.

Rockstar Digital was established to help challenger brands like TIME innovate and lead with consumer-first approach and ideation. Brands that partner with Rockstar can expect brave and bold digital strategy and execution. It is for those who don’t want to sing the same tune as everyone else and are looking to create mutually engaging conversations rather than a hard sell monologue.”

TIME is perceived as a challenger brand in a market dominated by various telco giants. Their can-do spirit is what separates them from the competition. This is something we have in common as an independent agency group. We look forward to taking their social media game to the next level,” Ryan added.

Andrew Yeoh, Head of Marketing at TIME shared that they appointed Rockstar amidst fierce competition because of their structured and strategic understanding of the telco landscape, as well as their bold and fresh approach to social platforms, supported by robust data and in-depth insights. “The Rockstar team went above and beyond with a strategy that thrilled and terrified us in equal measure. It showed us the path forward to differentiate and carve out our own distinctive space in a social sphere dominated by giants. In short, when the entire category zigs, we will zag.”

To boost awareness and drive brand affinity for TIME, the agency’s Head of Strategy Edmund Lou expressed that they saw an opportunity to showcase TIME as more than just an internet provider. “Our strategy is to position TIME as a lifestyle enabler, one that puts consumers first by enabling them to live more and gain endless experiences through timeless possibilities offered by the Internet.

According to Strategic Planner Rachel Chin, the agency aims to leverage interactive and informative content delivered in an entertaining and engaging manner to strike a chord with TIME’s audiences. “Time waits for no one; we need to make every second count. Many of us realized this even more during the challenging situation we are in now. With the internet being an essential part of the consumers’ lives, we aim to portray TIME as the enabler by inspiring consumers to seize the day and make time for the things they love.”

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