Kingdom Digital spreads its wings to Singapore

It seems that Kingdom Digital, a Malaysia-based digital and social marketing agency, has branched out to Singapore.

This is the company’s first foray into international waters and according to industry press, its business development director, TS Sanjay will be at the helm of its new venture.

Marketing Magazine sat down with Kingdom Digital’s CEO, Ryan Ong, to get his thoughts about this new development as the company ventures into a more contemporary yet sophisticated marketplace.

Ong believes that Singapore is as a major hub for South East Asian clients, and the company wants to tap into the market.

But of course, the company has already been working with Singapore based clients for a while now, such as MediaCorp.

In terms of the marketplace, Ong feels that in Singapore, as in more mature markets, clients are more daring to explore new digital mediums.

He feels that when it comes to digital experiences, the branding campaigns will ultimately encompass a variety of mediums, events and social media driven initiatives too.

In terms of newfangled technologies like 5G, AR, VR and IoT, Ong feels that the company will continue to propose new approaches to maintain an edge in the industry.

Ong is excited about the venture in Singapore and he hopes that it can be a stepping stone to bigger things.

Kingdom Digital has grown from a 5 man agency to around 80 employees so far.

This is a facet of the business that Ong believes has made his company resilient in the face of adversity.

“It’s very important to have good people, and our turnover rates are less than 10 percent, which is something to be proud of,” he said.

A lot of it comes down to a company culture that maintains a certain sense of equality and treating everyone like a family.

Moving forward, he feels that Kingdom Digital will have to make sure their creative works keep up with the unrelenting pace of innovation in the marketplace.

“With 5G rolling out soon, marketers will be faced with integrating new media and old media,” he explained.

Ong feels that clients, marketers and agencies will have to work together to ensure their creative solutions remain relevant to a more discerning marketplace as well.

According to industry press, the company now has clients such as Maxis, Sime Darby Property, Nissan, LANEIGE and HEINEKEN Malaysia among others.

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