Nando’s and Chariot Agency are looking for any excuse to celebrate

We often end the year in a flurry of gatherings and reunions. It’s why Nando’s Malaysia has launched a new limited-time menu item, dubbed the All-in Party Platter, that features a hearty, festive offering with a whole chicken, 4 bottomless drinks, and a whopping 6 sides (with 13 options to choose from!).

But the reason for meeting up doesn’t always have to be heavy on the heart or the head. In ways only Nando’s can, they highlight that ‘Any Excuse to Celebrate’ is good enough to take to Nando’s in a series of short videos.

Conceptualised by Chariot Agency, the campaign takes any excuse to absurd levels. In one video, we see a group of friends who went all-in with the ‘no brow’ beauty trend. In another, colleagues have gathered to celebrate the life of Mike – the beloved office plant. And in the third video, a family cheers the re-discovery of a missing lid.

Elaine Chiew, Head of Marketing at Nando’s Malaysia shares her thoughts on the campaign: “Year end is the best time for reunions and gatherings. Alongside a great offer of a meal for sharing, we want to remind people to spend quality time with their friends and family, celebrating no matter big or small achievements or life events.

Nando’s is always energetic, passionate and full of fire, the campaign also aims to bring some laughter to our customers.”

“As a brand that thrives on bringing people together over delicious meals, we are nudging everyone to see that we don’t need grand occasions to enjoy a meal at Nando’s.” said Gillian Yap, Head of Account Management at Chariot Agency.

She adds that she is thrilled that many have jumped on board to share their creative excuses on social media as well. “After all, life’s too flavorful to wait for a big reason to gather and enjoy a delicious Nando’s feast!”

Chariot Agency’s Creative Director, Christyna Fong, said that it was the behaviour of making up excuses to get out of meeting up that led to the idea of Any Excuse to Celebrate.

“For most of the year, we’ve been too busy, too tired, or too (insert plausibly legitimate reason). We wanted people to flip that behaviour and use that skill to have a good time with the people that matter the most.”

Christyna added that the videos, produced by Grim Films, benefited from having a director like Jared Lee behind the camera. “Jared brought his comedic timing and eye for capturing real human emotions to make the videos about random excuses relatable to everyone.”

Watch the videos here:

Bold Choices:

A Life Well Lived:


Reuniting with Loved Ones:


Along with the videos, the campaign also includes a contest inviting people to submit their own outrageous excuse to celebrate.

Take your excuse to this Nando’s social post for a chance to win an All-in Party Platter for yourself:

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