Nando’s and Chariot Agency escalates humour in campaign for its new outlet at The Exchange TRX

Nando’s Malaysia welcomed the launch of its newest store with a whole lot of business talk. Although it’s quite plain to see, they don’t use it very much. With the outlet located at the new business hub of the city, The Exchange TRX, one understands why they would try.

The campaign, called ‘Nando’s Talks Business’, is a cheeky take on the confusing metaphors and turns of phrases that we’d sooner find in an email than on a plate. That’s how Nando’s got the crowd hungry for poultry without so much as a single image of a chicken in sight.

“Nando’s is a brand that is always looking to engage with its community meaningfully in its own unique playful tone of voice,” said Elaine Chiew, Head of Marketing at Nando’s Malaysia when asked about the campaign.

“The Exchange TRX has quite a distinct target audience with its location surrounded by large corporate offices. We wanted our communication to catch their attention, put a smile on their faces on a hectic working day and of course, catch a juicy lunch break.”

“Business jargon is something we use pretty often, so we figured why not use it to connect with the exact target audience who speak them? The brand’s unique tone of voice gave us the room to bring out the wit and fun when we were developing the campaign.

You could say that we circled back full circle.” said June, the Senior Account Manager handling the account at the agency, who also often uses business words wrongly.

Kuah Jenhan, Content Creative Director at Chariot Agency, had this to say about the campaign: “Nando’s opening at The Exchange TRX is a very exciting opportunity because lunch is often a reprieve for many who toil in offices. Our task at its core is simple: communicate Nando’s delicious offerings clearly but more importantly aim to brighten at least one person’s day.

It is a wonderful feeling to be able to share joy, humour, and rizz the Nando’s way.”

Check out their new outlet at The Exchange TRX here:

This is Chariot Agency’s first piece of work for Nando’s Malaysia to roll out since being awarded the account in October.

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