Nando’s MY trendjacks former PM’s comments on FB with “Chopstick boleh”

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Nando’s Malaysia has trendjacked former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s comments about Malaysian Chinese eating with chopsticks.

According to multiple media reports including The Star, Mahathir said, “They have not adopted the Malaysian way of eating food. They retained the chopstick, which is an identity from China, not Malaysia, and many other things”, adding that some Malaysians clinging to their ancestral roots only divides rather than unifies the people.

Following various reports, Nando’s released a Facebook post captioned “How you makan (eat) doesn’t matter, as long as we makan together”. The popular brand also said that everyone is welcome.

The post has already received over 1,200 reactions, 126 comments and almost 350 shares since being released, among which there are various witty remarks and support.

nando's chopstick fb

When a user asked since when does Nando’s provide chopsticks, they welcomingly responded that you can bring your own chopsticks.

Being no stranger to trendjacking in Malaysia, Nando’s had consumers double-checking their emails over a weekend in August, when they were sent an email titled “RE:FW:FW:RE:FW:[URGENT]RE:RE:RE: Customer Complaint”. Users initially thought they were accidentally copied in an internal email involving Nando’s customer experience and marketing teams.

Jokes aside, Nando’s understands that Malaysia isn’t just a nation, it’s an identity formed with different characteristics, and the diverse characteristics deserve to be embraced and not shunned away.

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