Malaysians surprised by purple reminders to smile

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The daily commute for motorists across the country just got interesting with the surprising appearance of purple billboards on highways and roads in major cities across Peninsular Malaysia.

Bearing the single phrase of ‘#MySenyum Detik Keriangan Bersama’ and a website address, the bright purple billboards are part of a new marketing campaign by MCIS Life with a powerful underlying message – a reminder for all Malaysians to smile.

Mr. Prasheem Seebran, CEO and Managing Director at MCIS Life said, “This new campaign is built around our efforts to empower people to make an impact be it for themselves, their family and friends or society. Nowhere is this more simply reflected than in sharing a smile.

“The power of a smile is in giving and sharing joy, and through this human, uniform expression, we can uplift the mood and experience of others.”

The innovative campaign, an expression of MCIS Life’s brand ethos of #PeopleHelpingPeople, was the result of a collaboration with several media owners.

Watch out for these purple billboards… MCIS Life invites Malaysians to share their smile with the world.

Visual Retale CEO, Mr. Sailendra Kanagasundram said: “This is the first time that multiple media owners have participated in a campaign with such unique mechanics.”

“Smiles naturally unite all Malaysians of various classes and backgrounds, and despite our challenges and differences we know that there are many things we can be collectively grateful for together. Our Malaysian smile is sincere, heart-warming and certainly contagious.”

Another unique aspect of the #MySenyum contest (to be launched on 23 December 2021) features a charity element to empower people to reward Malaysians who share their smiles.

Prasheem added, “Malaysians visiting the #MySenyum microsite will be invited to smile and share their happy expressions online. In exchange, MCIS Life will be making a contribution towards two organisations that have made it their mission to help others in need.”

The non-profit organisations that will be supported through the #MySenyum campaign are and Lighthouse Children Welfare Home Association.

Starting from 23 December 2021, participants have the chance to win cash prizes totaling up to RM40,000 to be awarded weekly and at the finale of the contest period in February 2022.

For more information about the campaign and how to participate, visit: or follow MCIS Life’s social media pages (Facebook & Instagram) @MCISLifeMy .

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