Remember how purple always makes you smile?

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This piece was first Published in MARKETING WEEKENDER Issue 319

Since late December 2021, commuting across the country has become interesting for motorists with the surprising appearance of purple billboards on highways and roads in major cities across Peninsular Malaysia.

Bearing the single phrase of ‘#MySenyum Detik Keriangan Bersama’ and a website address, the bright purple billboards are part of a new marketing campaign by MCIS Life with a powerful underlying message – a reminder for all Malaysians to smile.

MCIS Life is here to give you the best reason to smile – to make others happy. In the spirit of #PeopleHelpingPeople, MCIS Life has just launched the #MySenyum social media contest starting in Jan 2022 in an effort to spread happiness amongst fellow Malaysians.

In the toughest of times, such as the one we are going through right now tackling the aftermath of the floods that literally washed the smiles off our faces and while the pandemic morphed into something worse, bending our ‘normal’ along with it, smiles from you and your loved ones could be the source of strength and perseverance for our fellow Malaysians.

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In this pursuit of smiling away our fears and uncertainties, MCIS Life, Winner of the CSR Initiative of the Year award for Malaysia at the Insurance Asia Awards 2021, launched the #MySenyum contest. The 6 weeks long contest kicked off on January 28th, 2022 and will end on March 13th, 2022.

A simple yet timely campaign, #MySenyum aims to gather all Malaysians on Instagram and Facebook, to showcase photos of their smiles and messages to bring positivity and good vibes back to the hearts of the thousands of Malaysians going through troubled times.

MCIS Life is setting up #MySenyum to be the happiest nationwide campaign by encouraging all Malaysians to come on board and bring joy to the lives of others across the country.

Embrace the new year with a smile, join us in lifting up the spirit of fellow Malaysians.

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